Hacknight Videos

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Hacknight Videos
Why Video covering Hacknight speeches and interviews
Where Malmö, Sweden (Video is in English)
Who Peter Sunde, Christopher Kullenberg, Gustav Nipe, Samira Ariadad, Mandos, Kugg, Raccoon, Shane Murray
More Info http://youtu.be/sx8gj0N f8s?hd=1, http://www.nrli.tv
Tags pirate bay, pirate party, blackthrows, cypheractivism, mandos, flattr, net nuetrality, smile29, fra

Hacknight Trailer 19.06.10. Malmö, Sweden. Hosted by The Research Department at Utkanten.

Hacknight in Malmo Sweden . Speeches and Interviews with Swedish thought leaders. Peter Sunde of Flattr and The Pirate Bay , Christopher Kullenberg of Telecomix , Samira Ariadad of Brand Magazine , Gustav Nipe of The Pirate Party , The Mandos Brothers , Raccoon from Telecomix , and Kugg of the Forskningsavd.

Covering several topics including i2p , blackthrows , fra , smile29 , mandos , pgp , retro computing and much more.

Thanks @olleolleolle and all at Utkanten. Special thanks to the camera crew Jonas Falk and Alex Wolf.