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Kuopio Hacklab
Status active
Country Finland
City Kuopio

Date of founding


Last Updated 2016-02-25
Website http://kuopio.hacklab.fi


irc: #kuopio.hacklab.fi @ Freenode

Snail mail


Location 62° 53' 38", 27° 40' 40"
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Planning to build first proper hackerspace in Kuopio. We have now started collecting a group and have formed organization called Kuopio Hacklab ry.

See you on discourse.hacklab.fi, Kuopio.Hacklab.fi and IRC!

If you are interested in Kuopio Hacklab, you can go to our website for details or contact us via email kuopio.hacklab@gmail.com.

Weekly meetings Tuesday-Thursday @ Myllykatu 1-3, 70110 (3D Jampat Oy), more info on #kuopio.hacklab.fi irc channel @ freenode.

Insert Kuopio Hacklab ry's event calendar to your Google Calendar here.

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