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Hackerspaces Passport
Why To allow hackerspaces to identify members from other spaces
Where None so far
Who Egerlach
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  • Allows a hackerspace to identify a member, and their membership status, at another space
  • Allows hackers to collect records of their visits to other spaces

User:Egerlach's initial thoughts on a specification:

  • Passports would be issued by the home space
  • The only requirement is a QR code encoding a URI describing the member
    • The URL would have information about the member in JSON format
    • The information must include the current status of the member at the home hackerspace, all other information is optional
    • Should this be signed JSON?
  • When someone with a passport visits another hackerspace, the visiting hackerspace can issue a JSON document (at some URI) containing proof of the visit, including at least the visting URI and date of visit.
    • This JSON document should be signed somehow so it can be imported as a record in the original passport URI
    • The destination hackerspace can make a record of the visit in the visitor's passport by writing in the URI, printing a QR code and attaching it, or by the good-old method: a stamp!

Signing ideas:

Print version of the Hackerspace Passport[edit]

Along with Matthew Borgatti, I created a print version of the Hackerspace Passport. I just found this posting here, and thought I'd add info on our new passport here.

I created Hackerspace Passports to:

  • help promote people visiting as many hackerspaces around the world as possible;
  • increase collaboration;
  • increase cross-polination so we can all learn from one another;
  • encourage all hackerspaces to support each other;
  • (And it’s fun.)

These Hackerspace Passports look a lot like US Passports, but no fingerprints needed! And, rather than a requirement for passing borders, they are intended to encourage it!

If each hackerspace and hacker con makes their own stamp, then people can get their Hackerspace Passport stamped everywhere they go.

I printed 2600 of them, and released them at CCCamp 2011, and lots of people and villages and hackerspaces made stamps for people to stamp their passports. Huge hit!

More info, and the source files for making your own Hackerspace Passports are available here:
Hackerspace Passport