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Hackerspaces Global Space Program
Why What would be the best way to build a starship able to reach the stars after decades of travel? This question is what has been asked by DARPA and NASA AMES in their “100 YEAR STARSHIP™ STUDY”. Our answer: a global consortium of Hackerspaces!
Where Noisebridge, Xinchejian, Alpha One Labs, Maui Makers, Connected Community, Tetalab
More Info http://lists.hackerspaces.org/mailman/listinfo/spaceprogram, http://xinchejian.com/2011/06/04/xinchejian-and-the-100-year-starship-study/, https://docs.google.com/#folders/0B-PYJiOSewXLMHRObk8zWFZScjJCS3h6YWV0WG1JUQ
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Several hackerspaces around the world are working on projects related to space. The aim of the Hackerspace Global Space Program is to coordinate between hackerspaces to enhance cooperation and reduce reinvention of the wheel. We want to highlight how Hackerspaces communities globally can be used for the research and development of this long term effort.

Currently, we have representation from:

  • Shanghai, China (Xin Che Jian)
  • New York, USA (Alpha One Labs)
  • Hawaii, USA (Maui: Maui Makers)
  • Melbourne, Australia (Connected Community Hacker Space)
  • Toulouse, France (Tetalab) (not officially part of DARPA program, yet)
  • Alabama, USA (Makers Local 256)

The project started in 2011 in response to DARPA's 100 Year Starship program (http://www.100yss.org). Unfortunately we didn't succeed in attaining funding on that program, however we resubmitted and were selected under another DARPA program. ...

DARPA funded Hackerspace Space Program[edit]

The Hackerspace Space program was selected in April 2012 by DARPA for a $500,000 grant. As of May 2012, we are in early contract negotiations. Few of the details have been nailed down, but basically we get $250,000 for 2 years which we pass along to member hackerspaces for education and research projects.

Most of the documents relating to the program are in this Google Doc Folder. In particular see the HSP Proposal (no-edit) and ByLaws (actively being revised - join in).

Please read the documents for more information and, if interested, join the discussion mail list ...

HSP Proposal[edit]

Of particular relevance is the Proposal, which consists of two volumes:

(note these are now locked and not editable - so we know what DARPA selected)

Some key excerpts:

We propose a HSP organization (that...) will enable scalable grassroots community units collaborating with each other and with interested partners around the world to carry out activities dedicated to the enhancement of humanity’s survivability.

  • such as expanding humanity’s reach and presence beyond Earth orbit.
  • to help us survive and thrive in space, as well as improving our chances here on Earth by spurring the innovation needed to solve global challenges, resource constraints and the need to get along in an increasingly crowded environment.

Technical approach ... is to support and fund Hackerspaces to function as local community hubs, carry out research and public engagement activities, conduct long term strategic foresight and planning to coordinate large scale international projects with the local hubs and lastly, to identify and expand areas of mutual relevance between terrestrial and space activities.

The HSP mission is to:

  • Enable Hackerspaces as local community hubs to carry out research and public engagement activities (such as leadership and technical workshops for youth) to support the HSP vision in concert with external partners
  • Apply principles from strategic foresight and planning for the central leadership to coordinate large scale international projects with the local hubs and project partners
  • Identify and expand areas of mutual relevance between terrestrial and space activities

Prior Project Pages[edit]

The info from here down was here prior to May 16, 2012 edit. It reflects notes and ideas that are probably very relevant.

Project Fundamentals[edit]

(not yet updated with info from DARPA HSP)

  • Manifesto - what are we doing and why?
  • Structure - how is the project structured? how do we do what we do?
  • Communication - what channels do we use to communicate within the group and with others?
  • Coordination - how do we work with hackerspaces/fablabs/academia/etc?
  • Legal - organisation setup, project licensing
  • Ethics
  • Finance - how do we finance the project? and what do we do with the money once we have it?
  • Marketing - how do we convey the vision and build motivation to participate? (both within hackerspaces and the wider world)
  • People - who is involved? who does what?
  • Projects
  • Partners