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Hackerspace Lodz
Status active
Country Poland
State or District Łódzkie
City Łódź
Date of founding 2020/01/29 (informally)
2020/09/17 (first premises)"2020/01/29 (informally)2020/09/17 (first premises)" contains more than three components required for a date interpretation.
Last Updated 2022-09-25
Website https://hs-ldz.pl
Wiki https://github.com/hakierspejs/wiki/wiki
meetup https://www.meetup.com/pl-PL/Hakierspejs-Łodź/
IRC irc://libera.chat/#hakierspejs
Matrix #hs-ldz:hackerspace.pl
git https://github.com/hakierspejs/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hakierspejs/
Mailinglist https://lists.hackerspace.pl/hyperkitty/list/lodz@lists.hackerspace.pl/
Snail mail

Zielona 30
łódzkie-90-604 Łódź

Number of members ~15 active members"~" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 15.
Membership fee voluntary but most people pay 100-200 PLN monthly
Size of rooms 130 m2
Location 51° 46' 10.34" N, 19° 26' 42.50" E

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Also known as Hakierspejs.

Read our wiki (currently only in Polish) to learn more.

Main communication channels:

Live meetings (also check Meetup or our website):

  • before the coronavirus pandemic came to Poland, we met biweekly in Opus Center – Lodz, Narutowicza str. 8/10
  • currently, we meet biweekly at Hacker's Picnics in Zdrowie Park – Lodz, Konstantynowska str. suspended because of the fall/winter season
  • from 2020, September 17 we also meet at Fabryka Creativity Center – Lodz, Tymienieckiego str. 22G
  • from 2020, September 18 we also meet at our new premises – Lodz, Zielona str. 30
  • currently (25 September 2022) we are renovating our space while moving to a different location under the same address, 20 meters away – but feel free to join us on Telegram/Matrix/IRC or on our regular audio meetings on Mumble. We also work on adjusting our new premises to our needs – you'll be welcome to help.

Telegram, Matrix, IRC and Mumble (chat) channels are bridged with each other using bots – feel free to use the one you prefer.