Hackerspace Hardware

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Hackerspace Hardware
Why Because we can
Where Metalab, muCCC, Das Labor, FED e.V., /tmp/lab, Liure, HSBNE
Who lekernel
More Info
Tags hardware

This page lists hardware almost every hackerspace has or plans to construct/buy/$implement.

  • Secure Doorlock systems
  • SpaceApi publish real-time statistics like open/closed status etc.
  • Automated drink Vending machines
  • Various Light installations
  • Welding tools
  • Bus systems
  • Cabinet gamesystems
  • Mechatronic workshops
  • GenericHardwareComponents which are created by any Hackerspace or Hackers
  • Pollution Sensors (aka. SanoBot)
  • Milkymist FPGA hardware platform for video performance artists
  • Oscilloscope
  • Bus pirate
  • 5V and 12V cables run through conduits, providing voltage at wall outlets. (1 person in the USA has used 2 pin sae and 4 pin molex connectors for this, which are also used inside desktop computers the same way. Please make a topical wiki page if you know more.)
  • Free power solutions windmills/solar power ect
  • (since 2012) HW probes for active measurements: RIPE Atlas
  • solar oven engine to create free electricity

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