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Hackers Lounge
Status active
Country Germany
State or District Berlin
City Berlin
Date of founding 2003/11/14
Last Updated 2023-07-25
E-mail the_bishop@web.de
Snail mail

Bödikerstr. 9 HH1 Rückseite
10245 Berlin

Number of members 10
Membership fee This Space is for free, meeting is every Friday starting at 5pm.
Size of rooms 32m²
Members The Bishop
Location 52° 29' 59.39" N, 13° 27' 51.23" E

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At this place, german and english language is spoken (and sometimes more). We offer help for moving to linux based operating systems for pc or laptop. Android Fones are another viable topic to hack on. Please respect that this is an antiracist and antisexist location.

We can help with:

  • Installing free operating systems like GNU/Linux, *BSD, AndroidOSP etc.
  • Fixing software problems
  • Repairing Hardware (de-dusting, replacing parts, soldering)
  • Data rescue operations
  • Getting more control over your devices

Telegram Chatgroup: https://t.me/Hackers_Lounge_Berlin

Sone presence inside https://www.hyphanet.org/index.html (former Freenet): @sone://unagzApfaupapFjwdC4P5ovt4KTN-CqDwnPcpbPhRwc