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Hackers In Japan
Why HIJ (Hackers In Japan) was an idea which is started by a few Japan fans
Where Japan
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This is the documentation page for the "Hackers In Japan 2010" (HIJ2010) project.


HIJ (Hackers In Japan) was an idea which is started by a few Japan fans. The primary idea is to do a nice trip with hackers from all around the world to Japan. Idea's to visit are: Akihabara, Tokyo trip, Hackerspace Tokyo, etc.

There will probably be two planes leaving, one from the US and one from Europe.

You can add yourself/follow the maillinglist here: http://lists.hackerspaces.org/mailman/listinfo/hij

Ideas for activities[edit]

Tokyo Area[edit]

Suggested Schedule[edit]

  • Friday Nov 5
    • Leaving for Japan
  • Saturday Nov 6
  • Sunday Nov 7
    • Akihabara tour -- an entire area of Tokyo devoted to DIY electronics
    • Harajuku (Cosplay , Yoyogi Park and Meji shrine)
  • Monday Nov 8
    • Day Trip to Hakone / Mount Fuji led by local hacker Stuart Woodward (From the lake Kawaguchiko) (eat ama-sake at Amazake Chaya) (Visie Sake factory at Kaiyun Sake)
    • Tokyo Metroploitan Government Tower (before 23h)
  • Tuesday Nov 9
    • Roppongi (Hills)
    • Harajuku
    • Shibuya
      • Meiji-jingu sanctuary
      • Naien
      • Aoyama cemetery
      • Tokyo Tower
    • Tokyo Hackerspace Weekly meeting
  • Wednesday Nov 10
  • Thursday Nov 11
    • PacSec security conference
    • Imperial palace
    • Ueno parc
  • Friday Nov 12
  • Saturday Nov 13
  • Sunday Nov 14
    • checkout Hotel Tokyo
    • take Shinkansen to Osaka
    • checkin hotel Osaka
    • Bay of Osaka
    • Umeda sky building
  • Monday Nov 15
    • Visit Kyoto
    • Sanjusangen-do inside temple
    • national museum of Kyoto
    • Kinkaku-ki Temple
    • Imperial house of Katsura
    • Garden of Saiho-ji
    • early morning or night Kiyomizu-dera Unesco view
  • Tuesday Nov 16
    • Visit Nara (Rent a bike)
    • Kofuku-ji (from south)
    • Todai-ji (very big)
    • Naramachi (take gps)
  • Wednesday Nov 17
    • Visit Himeji
    • Castle
    • EC Studio
  • Thursday Nov 18
    • morning Visit Hiroshima Memeorial (Aioi bridge + peace memorial)
    • afternoon Visit Miyajima (Itsukushima) + Daisho-in
  • Friday Nov 19
    • checkout hotel Osaka
    • take Shinkansen to Tokyo
    • TLUG nomikai
  • Saturday Nov 20
    • MAKE: Tokyo Meeting -- the Japan Maker Faire - Autumn Tokyo MAKE Meeting
    • checkin Capsule hotel Tokyo Shinjuku and explore nightlife
  • Sunday Nov 21
    • Plane back home -- Leaving Japan

Usefull tips[edit]

Japanese rental phones[edit]

Do's and don'ts in Japan[edit]

Learning basic Japanes phrases[edit]

Japanese culture[edit]

Perfect spots for souvenir hunting[edit]

Time Out’s guide to the perfect souvenir-hunting

Project members[edit]

List of interested people to join the trip


  1. Nick Farr() US
  2. Mitch Altman (Noisebridge) US
  3. empty
  4. empty
  5. empty
  6. empty


  1. Xflame (HSB) EU
  2. Bkay (Voidwarranties) EU
  3. Fish (Randomdata) EU


  1. Elliot Lee, Vietnam

List of contacts in Japan[edit]


KyleHase Fumi atomita lhuga

Some details[edit]

Current date is 5 Nov - 21 Nov (arriving on the 6 of November)