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Open Space Aarhus
Status active
Country Denmark
City Aarhus

Date of founding


Last Updated 2013-12-15









Snail mail

Katrinebjergvej 105
8200 Aarhus N

Number of members


Membership fee

DKK 200 per month for voting members, DKK 100 per month for voting members with a valid student ID, free for non-voting members

Size of rooms

215 m²

Members Brix

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Open to Residencies?


Location 56° 10' 24", 10° 11' 14"

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Open Space Aarhus (OSAA) was founded in April 2010 as a common space for all the small techie and open source groups in the area. We recently moved from our incubator at Bryggervej 30, 8240 Risskov to our new facilities at Katrinebjergvej 105, 8200 Aarhus N.

Our main goal is to host an open, physical space in Aarhus, where technical and creative minded people can meet around open technology, exchange their experiences and ideas and last, but not least, network with each other and meet up with likeminded.

We currently host a number of activities/groups:

We are always hoping to get in contact with more groups interested in using our facilities.

The most active group of people at OSAA is Hack Århus, where people tinker with electronic, software and mechanics - which leaves a rather large technical footprint on our space. We are - of course - always open to taking in more artsy groups, should they wish to join us.

Club night is every Tuesday from approximately 16:00 to 23:00 or longer depending on the motivation.

The first Tuesday of each month we host Tech Talk Tuesday (aka. T³). See for the agenda, which normally consists of 4-6 short technical talks about current projects or outside inspiration.

We work together with the main library of Aarhus to bring open technology and knowledge to the local community.

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