Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge 2022

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Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge 2022
Global Hackerspaces Cupcake Challenge 2022
Type of Contest
Start 1/07/2022
Homepage: Cupcake Challenge 2022 Wiki Page
Venue: anywhere
Country: Worldwide


To mail one cupcake to another hackerspace and have it arrive in pristine condition.

  • Makes for a fun challenge in 2022!

Participating Hackerspaces[edit]


  • Cupcake must be a standard sized or larger cupcake with frosting and at least one sugar based topper/decoration.
  • The cupcake should be home made or in the hackerspace, points to be deducted for store bought cupcakes.
  • The package can have dimensions up to 30cm by 30cm by 30cm (1ft by 1ft by 1ft) and weight up to 2kgs (4lbs).
  • The package must be sent by a reasonably priced shipping method, days in transit will be considered in the scoring.
  • A video must be taken while opening the package and uploaded to Youtube or similar, eg. Peertube.


The receiving hackerspace will be the judge of the condition of the cupcake.

Judging Criteria (1-10) on each)[edit]

Criteria and points are still in flux

  1. Creativity of method used to stabilize the cupcake
  2. Creativity of cupcake decoration
  3. Success of stabilization method Appearance/Condition
  4. Taste
  • Cake
  1. Decoration
  2. Taste
  • Packaging
    • How well packaged (1 point)
    • Was cupcake damaged in transit (2 points)
  1. Decoration
  • Extras and Deductions
  • -3 for store bought cupcake
  • -3 for exceeding dimensions
  • -3 for exceeding weight
  • -1 for each reference on packaging of being "fragile" or "handle with care"
  • +1 for receiving within 7 days shipping and -1 for every day greater
  • +3 for a senders blog post


Space matches will be announced on Friday January 7th, 2022 at 8pm PST. Cupcakes shall be created and packaged over the weekend and shipped out by the following Monday, January 10th. The winning Hackerspaces will be announced once the final cupcakes have been received and scored.

Keeping Track[edit]

Add yourself to participating spaces above. A spreadsheet will be created to keep track of who is sending/receiving cupcakes, as well as point values, etc. Please add your thoughts & suggestions below.

Thoughts and Suggestions[edit]

What do you think?

  • Perhaps all matches should be with a space in another country as much as possible.
  • Matches could be drawn from a hat on January 7th.