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Status active
Country Germany
State or District North Rhine-Westphalia
City Essen
Date of founding 2010/09/15
Last Updated 2024-05-01
49 201 857883460
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Sibyllastraße 9
45136 Essen

Number of members 111
Membership fee 20€/month for regular members, 10€/month with discount
Size of rooms 130m²
Members Bandie, Duisburch, Gammlaa
Open to Exchanges? maybe
Open to Residencies? maybe
Residencies Contact
Location 51° 26' 18.57" N, 7° 1' 30.00" E

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Chaospott is a hackerspace in the city of Essen, the heart of the Ruhr region. It is also known as Foobar e.V. and represents the local chapter of the Chaos Computer Club.


The transition of the ancient industry-based society to the modern, service-based society would not have been possible without the invention of computer systems. Automated data processing and transmission comes with enormous possibilities but also extensive risks for the freedom of society and the individual. Information and communication technology do not only change the relationship between human and machine but also the relationships between humans. Technical understanding in society and legislation has fallen way behind in this ever accelerating process. This inevitably leads to conflicts with fundamental rights like the right to privacy or the right to informational self-determination. Obsolete business models are artificially preserved for the benefit of a few and to the detriment of many.

Foobar is a community of individuals whose members, regardless of their age, sex, origin, or social rank, stand up for informational freedom. It is concerned with the effects of technology on society and the individual, and it supports the education of society in this matter.

We, the members, dedicate ourselves to acquisition, exchange and democratization of knowledge. Therefore we demand a human right for global and unrestricted communication in the spirit of free speech and cultural exchange between all people. We desire understanding and we are working to increase our own knowledge to share it with others. We critically analyze technology, its related social phenomena and political decisions, to identify potential risks for society, democracy, or the rule of law, and try to raise awareness of these issues in public. Foobar's members aim to educate all interested citizens on how they may protect their rights to privacy and informational self-determination. We feel obliged to preserve democracy, the rule of law, freedom and tolerance. Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination we will not accept.






1st Floor[edit]

Ball Pit[edit]




  • 3D-Printer
  • Foil Cutter
  • Trouser Press
  • compressed air
  • Kitchen
  • Coffemaker



  • GlaDOS
  • Hack-Sofa
  • Console museum
  • Automatic Doorlocks




Take a flight to Düsseldorf Airport (DUS). Switch to the Airports Monorail System called SkyTrain heading to the Airport Railway Station and continue your journey by using one of the local trains (see tram/bus direction instructions above).

You can also use the small Düsseldorf Airport Terminal station beneath the airport to continue your journey. Only local trains of the line S11 are regularly departing there, heading to Düsseldorf main station. Using this train is a detour but may be less tiring when you carry heavy luggage with you.


Take a flight to Dortmund Airport (DTM). If you don't want to waste your money and have slightly more time, just don't take the Airport Express. Instead buy a Ticket of Price category C. This will be valid on your whole travel to Chaospott.

  1. Take bus 490 → Aplerbeck. Leave the bus at Aplerbeck.
  2. Take the metro U47 → Westerfilde. Leave the metro at Dortmund Hauptbahnhof (main station).
  3. Go up the stairs which are opposite to the direction of travel (follow the big crowd). Take a right and take those stairs, too.

Public transport[edit]


You can use the local trains, departing from Cologne main station:

  • RE1 → Hamm (every hour). Leave the train at Essen Hbf
  • RE6 → Minden (every hour). Leave the train at Essen Hbf
  • S6 → Essen (every 20 minutes), there you simply leave the train at Essen Süd S and you're nearly there.

Düsseldorf / Düsseldorf Airport[edit]

You can use one of the following local trains, departing from Düsseldorf Hbf / Düsseldorf Airport:

  • RE1 → Paderborn or Hamm (every hour)
  • RE2 → Münster (every hour)
  • RE5 → Emmerich (every hour)
  • RE6 → Minden (every hour)
  • RE11 → Hamm/Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe (every hour)
  • S1 → Dortmund (every 20 minutes)

Leave the train at Essen HBF and continue your journey by using the Tram or the S6 local train (see Local public transport instructions below).


You can use the following trains to Essen Hbf

  • S1 (every 20 minutes; platform 7)
  • RE1 (every hour; platform 11/16) (they're both at one place)
  • RE6 (every hour; platform 20)
  • RE11 (every hour; platform 11/16)

From everywhere else[edit]

VRR search

Local public transport[edit]

The nearest stations to Chaospott are

  • Essen Süd S (reachable by tram 105 and train S6; both are coming and going from/to Essen Hbf)
  • Karolinenstr. (reachable by bus 160).

Coming from Essen Hbf it is most sensible to travel to Essen Süd S. You can use

  • Train S6 → Köln-Nippes (Platform 12)
  • Tram 105 → Rellinghausen
    • Follow the signs to the Tram and go to Tram's platform 3.

You may want to use the VRR search.


You'll have a hard time to find a parking spot. Good luck. :P


2016-03-15 Official acceptance as nonprofit association by the finance office of the city of Essen
2014-06-01 Extension of the Hackerspace location by renting additional rooms at the 1st floor
2012-02-15 Move-in to our location at the Sibyllastraße 9 in Essen
2011-04-01 Official announcement as registered association "foobar e. V."
2011-03-31 Official signin to the register of associations of the city of Essen
2010-09-15 Foundation meeting of the association "foobar e. V"

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