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Status active
Country Germany
State or District Baden-Württemberg
City Karlsruhe
Date of founding 2001/05/17
Last Updated 2023-12-09
Website https://entropia.de/
Wiki https://entropia.de/
IRC irc://irc.hackint.eu/entropia
Matrix #entropia:entropia.de
SpaceAPI http://club.entropia.de/spaceapi
Twitter https://twitter.com/entropiagpn
E-mail info@entropia.de
Mailinglist https://lists.entropia.de/listinfo/news
Snail mail

Steinstr. 23
76133 Karlsruhe

Number of members 140
Membership fee 10-25 € per month
Size of rooms 150m² main rooms + ~12m² mechanical workshop + x
Members Fukami, JackMcCrack, Madonius, Martin, Neingeist, Obelix, Twi
Location 49° 0' 23.98" N, 8° 24' 25.88" E

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Entropian reverse-engineering an ancient LED panel
We like everything.

Entropia is a hackerspace in the city of Karlsruhe. It provides space and equipment for students, hackers and other aliens to explore technology, human brains and even alcoholic and caffeine-based beverages. It was founded as the Karlsruhe incarnation of the Chaos Computer Club.

While Entropia led a nomadic life since 1998, it put down roots on May 17th, 2001 in its first 57 square-meter location in a cozy attic. In 2017 the hackerspace moved at the same location to bigger rooms.

Entropia (εντροπία) is Greek for entropy and represents (in good old discordian tradition) the dichotomy of chaos and information density. Entropy is a measure of the unavailability of a system's energy to do work and quantifies the information contained in a message.

We do <3 talks, workshops and partying.



Hackcenter at the GPN15

The Gulaschprogrammiernacht is one of the largest annual hacker conferences in Europe. It's a four day nonstop conference, completely free of commercial sponsoring and corporate influence. You'll find a large hackcenter, many talks and a large lounge where you can drink Tschunk end enjoy your daily dose of Gulash.

Where does Gulaschprogrammiernacht come from? In 2002, a bunch of hackers wanted to code on some projects over the weekend. After they found some space in the basements the next question was: what do we cook? Gulash is a traditional Hungarian dish, tasty and easy to make in large quantities. It's a night where people code and eat Gulash: the Gulaschprogrammiernacht was born.

Since 2002 the event has grown from a few hackers in a basements to over 1000 people (in 2017) in one of the largest venues of the city. We host over 40 talks and many workshops and free sessions. Unlike most other hacker events, entrance is free: we ask for voluntary donations instead.

Saturday meetings[edit]

We don't have special opening times but if you visit us on a Saturday evening you have the highest chances of meeting someone.


Floor plan (not including workshop in basement)

This Hackerspace has a RIPE Atlas