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Status planned
Country Austria
State or District Burgenland
Last Updated 2013-01-03
Website http://endstation.cc
Wiki http://endstation.cc/wiki
IRC freenode.net#endstation
E-mail vorstand@endstation.cc
Mailinglist orga@lists.endstation.cc
Snail mail


Number of members 2
Membership fee Between 10 and 25€ depending on the number of paying members .
Members Cr4shkitten

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The "Endstation" is a planned hacker space in the southern Burgenland, one of the most rural areas in Austria. Not only would it provide a space for tech-savvy people, it would also allow hackers from other Austrian hacker spaces like the Metalab or the Realraum to do things like agricultural hacking that are impossible in urban areas. The name "Endstation" was inspired by two things: The fact that there are no more Trains in the southern Burgenland though the infrastructure exists and that you have to take the bus in order to visit the Metalab and often hear the sentence "Friedrichstraße/Karlsplatz – Endstation" when doing so. The exact location is still unclear but will be "somewhere between Jennersdorf and Pinkafeld".