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Status planned
Country Ireland
State or District Clare
City Ennis
Date of founding 2010/02/01
Last Updated 2010-02-23
Snail mail


Number of members 1
Membership fee Well, I'm just starting that up myself. I'd prefer if that would only decided when we have at least 5 people together. So therefor: At the moment it's free.
Size of rooms 0
Location 52° 50' 41.28" N, 8° 58' 52.61" W

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EHS (Ennis Hacker Space - [just a temporarily name]) is now officially planed. It's just up to response if it will actually take off.

I'm (Yes it's just one member so far) willed to contribute space, ideas and small finances. SO, who's up for it? Contact me

I will keep this in "planed"-modus until the End of April. 3 Months should show if there are others outta there.

Greets and enjoy the Day