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Dr^k wiki
Why drik wiki is a NETlab under permanent transformation hosted on drik.mx .
Where Internet (drik magazine's hosting)
Who Francisco González Zubizarreta, Katia Haus Moore, Walter T. Marea, Alonso Cedillo Mata, Delia Beatríz Martínez
More Info http://wiki.drik.mx/home.php
Tags drik magazine wiki net lab mexico houston monterrey costa mesa franz francisco zubizarreta alonso cedillo mata katia haus moore delia beatriz martinez


dr^k wiki is a NETlab as mutant as reality that searches to be a public space in which people that use the internet on their daily life, may share for free their thoughts and ideas generating space for this ways of expression. It was originally built on a hosting space given by dr^k magazine with the idea of generating a constant communication and file exchanges with its readers. The projects displayed on this space go through simple htmls, feeds, downloads, flash, java apps, c++, and php programming.

Its members are located in Mexico DF, Monterrey, Houston, Costa Mesa, and Abu Dhabi.