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Lessons learned[edit]

During the operation of a hackerspace, there are many questions and problems that arise from time to time. To save future spaces from having to find optimal solutions for common situations all over again, we're collecting a list of Do's and Don'ts here. Please add your experiences in the subsite for your hackerspace here. The goal is to collect the most common/best/creative solutions. Once we have enough reports here, they will form the hackerspace manual to come.

HackerSpaces: The Beginning -- the book[edit]

HackerSpaces: The Beginning -- the book zipped pdf (163MB)




Video recordings[edit]

Other recordings[edit]

Risk Management[edit]

  • Release of Liability Form - Spaces who have a large number of individuals utilizing the space for hardware project construction should consider having participants sign a release to limit the liability of the organization in the case of an incident.
  • Insurance - What is needed for liability insurance within and between different countries.

Bylaws and Regulations[edit]

If you hunt a bit around these web sites you can often find the Articles of Incorporation, NonProfit Forms, and other public documents. also note that most of these are from USA. In other countries the bylaws might be called statutes or something else (see wikipedia By-law, wikipedia Articles of Incorporation and wikipedia Charter)


Fundraising Events[edit]

Other Resources[edit]

  • Design - The official hackerspaces design (logos, fliers, etc).
  • Theory - A harbour for theory on hackerspaces.
  • Name Ideas - Because names of existing spaces shouldn't be your only inspiration.

Case Studies[edit]


This data is vastly interpretative and not to be trusted ultimately (but I figure that'd be obvious...)

Download CSV[edit]

basically, the full 'list of hackerspaces' to download: CSV

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