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First name Ferhat
Last Name Çelik
Nickname Darkworm
Last Updated 2011-12-16
E-Mail Address ferhat@ferhatcelik.tk
Homepage http://www.ferhatcelik.tk
Member of
Country Turkey
City Ankara
Location 39° 55' 14.77" N, 32° 51' 14.80" E

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He was born in 1992. Also known as ex.dW, MiraStyle, MiraSpy. He began hacking in 2005. In 2006 he was working so many hack teams. (imhatimi.org, starhack.org etc.) He founded worldhackerz.net with Pala and Madconfig in January, 2007.


Worldhackerz.Net founded in 2007. It's staff comprised of such as Darkworm, Pala, Madconfig, Keyr00t, XVCX (as Fatalworm). Worldhackerz entry into the elite teams of Turkey in a short time. In April 2007 was starting mirror power operation. A lot of enemy Turkish hack sites was defaced in only three days. In May 2007, he left worldhackerz.net for personel problems.

After Worldhackerz.Net[edit]

When he was leaved worldhackerz.net, then unfortunately it was hacked after a week.


He worked as web designer, linux server root etc. He founded starldu.org for turkish seditio cms support in November 2006.


Now he studying in university. Sometimes he work in web design projects.