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Status active
Country Slovenia
City Ljubljana
Date of founding 2001/10/01
Last Updated 2024-07-06
IRC ircs://
Fediverse cyberpipe
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Celovška Cesta 111 (temporary address!)
1000 Ljubljana

Number of members 15
Location 46° 4' 6.52" N, 14° 29' 25.18" E

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Kiberpipa / Cyberpipe is Slovenian hackerspace in Ljubljana. It's an open and public place for cultivating computer and communicational knowledge and for educative and creative use of modern technologies. Cyberpipe is an active initiative evolving and aiming to form an open information society in Slovenia. Cyberpipe offers educational courses in different fields of new media, develops and presents tech-savvy art projects, and also preserves computer technology heritage and history. One of the main goals of Cyberpipe is to promote open-source standards and technologies, and to provide free flow of information and information based on libre tools.

Kiberpipa has in 2013 separated itself from the student organisation of Ljubljana (ŠOU), moved to a new place in the centre of Ljubljana (in Slovene; dead link) and became part of LUGOS (Linux User Group of Slovenia).

End of 2015, it moved out and existed in the living room of one of its members, but otherwise no real physical space. Meetings were very sporadic.

Since December 2022, it re-emerged in the form of monthly meetings – usually includes presentations – in the Slovenian Computer Museum (which used to be part of Kiberpipa). The meetings and their minutes are stored on Mobilizon. Typically the meetings take place every first Monday of the month, at 17:00 CE(S)T.

Website: (currently offline, WIP 2024)

Follow: @Kiberpipa, @cyberpipe (currently unmaintained, WIP 2024)

Open educational lectures with networking[edit]

A series of events and meetings offering people and developers to meet, pass and exchange knowledge, network, form new and keep old connections.

  • POT - Pipini odprti termini / Pipe's Open Slots

Weekly meetings of free and open source software users and developers and everyone interested in open standards and technologies of any kind. Meetings are intended for everyone already working with open source technologies and those interested in getting to know them. Every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

  • SU - Spletne urice / Www:h - Web Hours

Web professionals introduce new technological themes from the field of web. Every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

  • V.I.P. - Večeri za inovativne in podjetne

Evenings for everybody interested in innovative business management in the field of IT. Every second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

  • MoMoSlo - Mobile Monday Slovenia

A monthly events and gatherings for mobile industry professionals and everyone interested in mobile technologies. Fostering cooperation and business development through lectures and networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

  • CoderDojo

A programming/IT class for children, youth, and young at heart; part of international CoderDojo effort.


Video archive of lectures held in Kiberpipa and live stream is available on

Trivia: Cyberpipe’s video archive used to be the largest video archive in Slovenian language.

Cyberpipe's Computer Museum[edit]

With an initiative to educate public about the computer history and technology heritage; an interactive museum, with most of its exhibits working, where visitors can journey back into the history of computing.

Err0r / Cyberpipe art section[edit]

Cyberpipe's creative group. The idea grew out of the need and desire for cooperation between people of various backgrounds who utilize intermedial arts to create and spread their ideas, concepts and knowledge, coming up with new and inventive ways of expression.


The main goal of Filmsteka is to provide the alternative to existing cinema programme by evoking popular or less known free B-category movies first introduced to audience hand in hand with blockbusters, so-called A-movies, packed as "two for the price of one". Though having the reputation of being really of low-quality in different aspects, some of them got the status of "cult" movies and provided a lot of insipration to many film producers. Every fourth Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Cyberpipe's cinema.

HAIP / Hack-Act-Interact-Progress[edit]

Biennial International Multimedia Festival of Open Technologies

The HAIP Festival puts on display multimedia art forms resulting from creative use of open technologies.The festival features individuals and groups with a critical approach towards the technologies that surround us and shape our everyday environment. They generally use open technologies, either as a practical or an ideological choice. account[edit]