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Community Space Network
Why Spreading locally developed services on a global scale
Where Anywhere
Who Anyone is welcome
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Tags service, product, development, business, spread, curriculum, learning, eLearning

Imagine the following scenario: You meet interesting guys in your Hackerspace and you realize an innovative service with them. After you tested the service successfully with your local community, you would like to spread it all around the world. Logically, you can't be everywhere, so you think about training other people to conduct the service on your behalf.

Actually, this scenario is absolutely realistic. We live in a world of increasing complexity and therefore we need highly specialised experts. They need to know stuff that is not taught yet in universities or training centres - it can only be taught by those who have developed the innovative service.

We support you in this process. Wherever you are on this planet. We conduct online interviews with your experts and create high-quality curricula for online courses. By this, you can not only teach your stuff online - you can also assess and certify your experts and partners, even according to international standards.

Originally, we developed our service for coworking spaces, because it was our intention to create bonds between the virtual communities of experts and the local communities of clients. Hackerspaces have a great potential to support new business models in their first development stages - we do the support when you want to large-scale it.

Just contact us via our website to get some more information: