Chaos Computer Club

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Chaos Computer Club
Status active
Country Germany
City Hamburg

Date of founding


Last Updated 2018-11-06


Snail mail

Zeiseweg 9
D-22765 Hamburg

Number of members

> 7500

Members Bios, DerPeter, Thalunil

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The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is Europe's largest hacker association, founded in 1981 by German hackers.

Our head office is located at the residence of CCC Hamburg.

We have a presence in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as an EU delegation in Brussels.


Many of our regional subsidiaries run their own hackerspaces, which we call Erfa-Kreise (experience sharing circles).

These regional subsidiaries are mostly independent and cooperate in a lively community which meets on CCC-organized events.


We hold some of the largest hacker conferences in the world, which are almost entirely volunteer-run.

Recordings from these conferences are available through, our independent video distribution service.

Teams such as our C3VOC video crew provide professional support to many open-source events in Germany and neighboring countries.

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