Centre for Internet and Society

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Centre for Internet and Society
Centre for Internet and Society.png
Status active
Country India
State or District Karnataka
City Bangalore
Date of founding 2008/07/01
Last Updated 2023-10-27
Website http://cis-india.org
IRC irc://irc.freenode.net/#cis_india
Jabber xmpp:lawn@cis-india.org
91 80 4092 6283
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/cis.india/
Twitter https://twitter.com/cis india
E-mail mailto:praneshATcis-indiaDOTorgURIs of the form "praneshATcis-indiaDOTorg" are not allowed.
Snail mail

194, 2-C Cross, 4th Main, Domlur 2nd Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka-560071 Bangalore

Number of members 20
Membership fee Free for short duration visits. Must be an invited guest for longer duration.
Open to Residencies? maybe
Location 12° 57' 53.39" N, 77° 38' 14.91" E

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The Centre for Internet and Society is a research organization which operates a free space for hackers. We welcome both hardware and software hackers, and are open to hosting meet-ups, talks, and people, as long as your work intersects with ours in any interesting way. If you would like to drop in, do ping us on IRC or e-mail, and tell us what you have in mind. Please do note that we do not provide accommodation (though we have a spare bed in our office for emergencies).

We collaborate with HasGeek, which used to be co-located in our office.