Calango hacker clube

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Calango hacker clube
Status active
Country Brazil
State or District Federal District
City Brasilia
Date of founding 2015/06/15
Last Updated 2023-06-01
Snail mail

CLN 310, Bl B, Lj. 51
70756-520 Brasilia

Number of members 25
Membership fee 0 USD. We don't charge for membership, but receive donations made via PayPal from the site
Size of rooms 29m²
Open to Exchanges? no
Open to Residencies? no
Location 15° 45' 23.49" S, 47° 53' 25.66" W

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What is a "Calango"?[edit]

Calango is a kind of lizard common in our region of Brazil. It's scientific name is Tropidurus oreadicus and it's found on the central area of our country, but not in the most visited cities of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or the Northeast).

We think of ourselves as a one-of-a-kind Brazilian type of hackers. We live in the very center of Brazilian political power. We live with the government but we don't depend on it. We analyze government data and raise questions to the very people involved in producing it.

We love data, music, drones, 3d printers and programming, just like everyone else.


We have different activities happening every week but the most popular and regular ones are the Terça do Python ("Python Tuesday") and Quinta do Arduíno ("Arduino Thursday) every week.

Telegram Group Chat[edit]

We have an open Telegram chat, join us on: (in Portuguese).

Visit Us[edit]

Please feel free to come and visit us when in Brasilia! :D