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CCC Darmstadt
Status active
Country Germany
State or District Hessen
City Darmstadt
Date of founding 2006/05/23
Last Updated 2023-10-01
IRC irc://
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Wilhelminenstraße 17
D--64283 Darmstadt

Number of members ~70"~" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 70.
Membership fee individual, starting from 10 Euro per month
Size of rooms 113 m²
Members Bios, G0ph3r
Location 49° 52' 14.64" N, 8° 39' 4.79" E

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chaos, chaos[edit]


Chaos Darmstadt is the local incarnation of the Chaos in Darmstadt. We are a bunch of people who engage themselves in hacking, hardware, software, and other things. We meet in our hackspace every Tuesday at 7 pm to socialize, tinker and discuss.

Things we do[edit]

  •, our monthly radio broadcast
  • Capture the Flag Contests - hosting and playing
  • Are part of the IRC network hackint


  • We have public meetings every Tuesday and Friday, but someone is in the space nearly every day.
    Check for more information or contact us in the IRC channel
  • Our public mailing list:
  • For general information:
  • IRC: #chaos-darmstadt in the hackint network (, Server
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