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Status active
Country Russian Federation
City Nizhniy Novgorod

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Last Updated 2017-02-11






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 Nizhniy Novgorod
Russian Federation

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Size of rooms

18 m²

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Location 56° 18' 9", 43° 59' 18"
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CADR is a hackerspace in Nizhniy Novgorod city, Russia. We're looking for interested people for participating in the project.

CADR is a non-commercial organisation (though not registered officially yet) and we don't have membership fee, but we're accepting donations in the form of equipment and money; all the donations go for maintaining and improving our hackerspace. With the given resources we're helping our local community of tinkerers and hackers and creative people to grow and prosper.

The CADR name is formed from two basic Lisp operations -- car and cdr. cadr operation returns the second element of a list.

The hackerspace occupies a room kindly provided by Nizhniy Novgorod Technical College. If you want to visit the hackerspace then please contact CADR members through our mailing list at least one day before the visit.

And, of course, you can contact the administrator directly to get more information about the hackerspace:


An (un)complete list of equipment:

  • Soldering station
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Arduino of various kinds and other microcontrollers
  • Arduino sensors, breadboards, wires etc.
  • Single-board computers (Raspberry Pi, Hackberry, etc.)
  • Several GNU/Linux workstations
  • Various electronic components and *lots of LEDs*.
  • Basic tools for woodworking
  • Lots of cruft that waits to be used in projects.  ;-)
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