Building a DALEK

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Building a DALEK
Why fun and experience.
Where Extinction
Who the Architect
More Info,
Tags Dalek steampunk doctor who scifi hardware hacking modification metal work fiberglass fabrication

this project will involve building from scratch a full dalek body using fiberglass, wood and metal and outfitting it with motors to move and animate it as well as digital cameras to create a fully functional heads up display with IR LEDs for full night vision. every member who participates will share expenses for the construction tools and molds and if a price break is to be had to buying the consumables in bulk will save some on those as well *like fiberglass mat and resin* much of the materials will be finds from dumpsterdiving and such (the digital cameras I have for at least 2 and eye stalk lenses for 3. (DLP projector lens assemblies.) will update further soon.

to contact us about this project you can send a message from this contact form:

latest update: oct. 23rd 2010 obtained a 4th DLP projector so I have secured a 4th eye stalk dalek eye lens assembly. (or if we do not build enough daleks then the extras will go toward another project to turn a computer case into an accurate replica of a HAL 9000

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