Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces/June 15 2013

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  • Mitch, JC, Leif, Andrew, Bill, Matt S, Matt Bio, Marc, Jenny, Tim
  • Wanted to attend but couldn't make it: Praveen [NB/LOL], Jen-Mei [LOL], 2 folks from Hacker Dojo, Crafty Rachel [AMT]

Action Items[edit]

  • List of spaces on the BACH page [Jenny]
  • Fix unicode bug on calagator (Bill)
  • Inquire as to format of calendar feeds from each hackerspace
    • NB looking into Mediawiki cal microformats,
    • SR uses a Wordpress plugin that exports to .ics
    • Let's make a microformat template! - NB: done [Lief]
  • 5mof on BACH [Marc]
  • Set up a website for BACH [Matt] - DONE! It's beautiful! -
  • Create discuss list for BACH [Matt]- Done! Join here:
  • Logo for BACH! [talk to Ryan; collab activity at the unconference?]
  • BACH Hotline (Andrew)
  • Outreach to especially: Benecia (look up on nb-discuss), HackerMoms, Hacker Dojo, NIMBY, Marin Makerspace, Dorkbot (Karen), Nerd Night SF / EB, Sacramento, BioCurious [Mitch / Jenny / Matt / JC]
  • Set up video portal between spaces [Juul, JC, jnny, matt]
  • Set a date for Reno [Jenny/JC]
  • Set up a hackerspace caravan page on - including calendar, contacts, map [Jenny]
  • End of month BYOS deployment on the border of Nevada / Oregon / Cali [talk to Jenny or JC]
  • [Mitch] will contact Hacker Dojo
  • Newsletter! [Jenny/Judi]

Calendar for Bay Area hacker events[edit]

  • 5 mins

Matt Senate updates: Someone has been investigating calligator to squash the last unicode handling bug. It probably will get going soon. Bill will help. Tindrbox: Local calendaring startup. Trying to be community focused though it's for profit. Will only be partially open source.

Mitch: All the spaces have their own calendar. There is no standards or aggregation so far. Leaf: The state of calendar plugins for mediawiki is sad.

Marc+Leaf: We should figure out a standard annotation and aggregation scheme. We should probably just use the existing microformat for events.


Matt: What can we do to ensure we're being more inclusive. We need to be reaching out more.

Andrew: Start with a central way of engaging people. Want to be able to tell people "go to this place for info about bach".

Mitch: We should make it easy to get on the list. The U.K. hackerspaces group has a logo that participating spaces can put on their website. We could do that.

here we broke into a bit of a logo discussion based on a slide of possible sudo room logos

J.C. pitches a 24 hour 511 for hackers. Andrew talks about the old rave hotline and wants to help set that up with some asterisk. Brainstorm around having phones in hackerspaces, redphones, interesting modifications to phones, and ways of calling, between hackerspaces and how that can interface with the mesh.


  • Redphone - direct line of communication - BACH redline: voice recog - HAM - alt telecoms - drones - unlicensed bands (900 mhz) - low-bandwidth mesh [Juul, JC, legind, mstc]
  • Video teleconference
    • rspi cameras and cheap lcd screens - several screens side-by-side for a multilink
    • Infobot at sudo
  • Persistent direct communications

Andrew: We got a real redphone (can only dial one number) and andrew wants to hook it up so you can call directly to e.g. ace monster toys just by picking up the phone.

Suggestions of party line. Putting it over radio / ham radio. Voice recognition for dialing spaces.

Talk about our own radio systems: Using CB radio. Using HAM radio.

Hacker in residence[edit]

  • 10mins
  • 1-3 months, no reqs, worldwide participation, gemsi, matt doing outreach while in europe, assessing constraints on resource-holders, space list (ics, cohousing, caravan), housing listings (w/ contact info), invitations, untourism - where to participate (rather than consume) in various places - approval process

Mitch: Original idea was to have people put up for 2-3 months as part of an exchange program.

Jenny: Something Bilal and GEMSI would also like to support.

Matt will set up some web forums and interview people when he visits people in europe. Will create a list of individuals who are interested in hosting and people interested in coming.

???: Suggests creating some API for resource holders to submit resources and constraints on those resources (e.g. you can come live here for two weeks, but not if you're supporting commercial software and vegan food only in the kitchen). Andrew suggests that just a simple per-city list is enough. BioMatt suggests reaching out to intentional communities. J.C: suggests a list of free parking for campers also.

Mitch: Originally noisebridege was thinking about actually having a room. Mitch suggests that people apply and people invite. Like with artists in residence.

Marc and bill: Places to go (like infoshops) for untourism guides for things and groups to visit and participate in.

Several people talking about a more concrete way of mapping out resources.

BioMatt talks about building FOSS LIMS/ELN software that is greater than all of these pieces of software. He is really good a relational databases and has worked with a lot of the existing crappy systems out there. We want to make our stuff interoperable. It all has to be really lightweight. Stripping away the corporate bullshit is one step but. J.C: We should build sourcing requirements and documenting protocol.

Mitch: There was this ex-hippie guy and his family who ran a co-op for food. People could pay in with food or pay in with money. The family ran it all and took just a small percentage. We could do something like that for hacker resources. Elaborates: Should be a place where we can pool and share our excess resources and maybe do group buys and collaborate on storage.

Jenny and JC pitch BAHT: Bay Area Hacker Transit (hacker vehicle sharing).

Matt Senate summarizes:

 1. Inventory / commons --> fundraising / sponsorship / workshare / internal economy / community exchange (talk more to BACE).
 2. Huge opertunities for consumer cooperative models, shared inventory tracking, distributed storage, transit and tracking.

BioMatt summarizes: Social network of sharing of resources and needs with different levels of broadcast and access.

Shares a superset of functions with the BACE group

Alternative currency systems working outside the existing system, while goods are still interlinked with the tax system

Inventory / Commons[edit]

--> fundraising / sponsorship / workshare / internal economy - 15 mins

    • Promoting services for hackerspaces, buying resources in bulk and sharing (consumer cooperative), inventory tracking, distributed storage, transport, remote collection for services (warehouse coalition), HackersList (CL for hackers), community exchange (BACE POSSE parties)

Hacker Caravan Project[edit]

  • 5 mins

Jenny: The people currently on board with the hacker caravan project are Jenny, Marc, JC, Morten.

First trip will possibly be around the bay area, then the next one to Reno, and circling further out. See what their needs are in other spaces, document, do interviews, deploy the tools we're interested in (mycelia). JC has gone across the country a couple of times in his hacker ambulance visiting hackerspaces. JC would like to see a more stable caravan that has some trade routes and a calendar and trips for conferences and such. Going north: End of july / early august. JC would like to see a featured hackerspace every week where everyone comes visit in a big caravan for open house at that space. Having some structure in terms of videos and workshops ready in advance that we can do at hackerspaces as we go. Mitch says it'd be a good idea to go to schools as well. Possible workshops: Make your own hackerspace, helping to build the hackerspace infrastructures on those spaces, intro to crypto, intro to bio, intro to electronics, setting up video portals to other spaces.

Unconference planning[edit]

  • 15 mins

Proposal for BACH kickoff / unconference. Goal: Support all of the things that we aren't currently doing well enough to be able to do them better. Mitch: It's be cool to do what CCConferences were supposed to be originally: Experience sharing between spaces: What works well, what sucks, and what's awesome. J.C: Have a track for success and another for failures. J.C. volunteers himse

Bill suggests: First day is workshops and talsk, second day is hackathon (now we know what's needed: let's hack on it!).

discussions about venues and locations and pricing and size

    • Mid-to-end of September
    • BACH kick-off event; what we want to do better; show-and-tell of projects; Awesome Fail tracks; create new Hackerspace Patterns based on our experience; Venue, food, t-shirts, projector, sound, rooms; vary between spaces
    • Day 1: talks / workshops / skillshares; Night 1 party; Day 2: hackathon, dig in [ensure brunch]
    • Idea: Total off-grid, BYOE(verything)
    • DNA Lounge? Exploratorium? Academy of Sciences?
    • 150~ people - Show Tell day + Focus day; separate venue for the party that's much larger

Next Meeting[edit]

  • Third Saturdays!: July 20th, 6-9pm - Hacker Dojo? Hack the Gallery on the 27th (Kite festival)?
  • Next next: August 17th