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The Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces (BACH pronounced "bah-kh" as in Johannes Sebastian Bach) is a loosely-organized association of hackerspaces, maker spaces, art spaces & community workshops in the wider San Francisco Bay area. (And further afield in California.) Our aim is to share information and resources.


To get in touch, please join us on our


BACH should operate under principles in the same vein or spirit as these:

  • BACH should be very thin, with almost no over-head.
  • BACH should exist to help its member spaces coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with one another.
  • BACH should, above all, support the Bay Area hackerspace community's existent inter-dependence and resilience.
  • BACH should, if possible, help articulate shared values between the spaces.


  • Created mailing list 9/2021 -
  • index in Matrix with more United States spaces represented
    • index for inviting many other local(ish) participants, aiming to have each space represented
      • meta chatroom bridge to IRC at
    • All are welcome to join!

Next Steps[edit]

Your help is wanted, including:

  • Invite your local Bay Area friends to join our mailing list
  • Add your space to the wiki!
  • Create a matrix space for your org within
    • consider creating a public chat channel if you are on Slack or Discord and bridging it to Matrix / IRC.
  • Annual "BACH" Conference to converge the community and prepare for the coming year.
  • Have a single event for sharing some updates / progress / etc for a few hackerspaces (e.g. Dorkbot).
  • Share a 5mof event of 5 minute lightning talks from various Bay Area spaces.

Interested Parties[edit]

2021 Reboot!

List your username with ~~~ if you are interested. Also, link to relevant groups as necessary.

Archive of Ideas for future projects[edit]

  • Resource sharing, under mutually agreed-upon terms.
  • Refer interested people to other spaces that may be close to them or have equipment they need
  • Share information
  • Give useful donated equipment to each other
  • Boost each others' fundraisers
  • Event / calendar coordination to help indicate overlapping events, as well as opportunities to attend each other's events.
  • Resource sharing with tracking systems,
  • Potential Hacker in Residence program.
  • Crowd-funding for the local hacker community
  • Hacker hostels / couch-surfing
  • Insurance services (such as through a cooperative) for liability, building, up to health, dental, life, etc.
    • Opportunity to leverage collective buying power and economies of scale to reduce costs overall.
  • Cross-bay resilient mesh network.

2014 group[edit]

Meeting Minutes[edit]


To begin, it may be helpful to promote asynchronous conversation through personal notes to folks at potentially interested spaces. Next, to list interested parties below, form a simple mailing list and a basic web presence (on, or perhaps a sub-domain or other domain). Then, to meet very very infrequently, such as bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.


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