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Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces
Status Defunct

The Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces (BACH pronounced "bah-kh" as in Johannes Sebastian Bach) is a loosely-organized association of hackerspaces in the wider San Francisco Bay area.

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BACH should operate under principles in the same vein or spirit as these:

  • BACH should be very thin, with almost no over-head.
  • BACH should exist to help its member spaces coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with one another.
  • BACH should, above all, support the Bay Area hackerspace community's existent inter-dependence and resilience.
  • BACH should, if possible, help articulate shared values between the spaces.


Meeting Minutes[edit]



Some potential projects include:


  • Event / calendar coordination to help indicate overlapping events, as well as opportunities to attend each other's events.
  • Resource sharing, under mutually agreed-upon terms.
  • Annual "BACH" Conference to converge the community and prepare for the coming year.
  • Have a single event for sharing some updates / progress / etc for a few hackerspaces (e.g. Dorkbot).


  • Potential Hacker in Residence program.
  • Crowd-funding for the local hacker community
  • Hacker hostels / couch-surfing
  • Insurance services (such as through a cooperative) for liability, building, up to health, dental, life, etc.
    • Opportunity to leverage collective buying power and economies of scale to reduce costs overall.
  • Cross-bay resilient mesh network.


To begin, it may be helpful to promote asynchronous conversation through personal notes to folks at potentially interested spaces. Next, to list interested parties below, form a simple mailing list and a basic web presence (on, or perhaps a sub-domain or other domain). Then, to meet very very infrequently, such as bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.


See: Bay_Area_Hackerspaces

Interested Parties[edit]

Join the email lists: announce and the discuss

List your username with ~~~ if you are interested. Also, link to relevant groups as necessary.