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Status suspected inactive
Country Belgium
State or District West Flanders
City Kortrijk
Last Updated 2020-07-30
Snail mail


Location 50° 49' 50.63" N, 3° 15' 59.11" E

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Hackpunt Kortrijk - for now

Previous Proposals:

  • Shortcut - It has the "short" of "kort"rijk in it's name, it's a computer term too and I just think it sounds quite cool.
  • gulden/golden space - Kortrijk is famous for 'de gulden sporen slag' / gulden snede // battle of the golden spurs / Golden_ratio


Broelkaai 6 (former city museum) 8500 Kortrijk 1st floor


Open every friday from noon until late. In the future we want to go 24/7


Who is interested in helping out and pulling the setup?

  • Folkaholic
  • qwaxys

Former people interested in a hackerspace in Kortrijk:

  • Jeroen De Dauw
  • Biertie
  • Marcia
  • Hala
  • Sandb
  • Koen (It's april already and I haven't co-founded a hackerspace yet!!!)
  • DasRakel is interested as well
  • Webzucht says: +1! (A great location would be the newly opened Buda::Lab in the Budafabriek. They already have 3D printer, lasercutter etc...)
  • Digital Phobetor Count me in!
  • Add your name here