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Salebarn logo.jpg
Status active
Country United States of America
State or District Iowa
City George
Date of founding 2012/01/01
Last Updated 2023-02-01
Phone 507-258-2641
Snail mail

PO Box 402
3823 160th Street
51237 George
United States of America

Number of members 10
Membership fee 250
Size of rooms 2400 ft²
Location 43° 20' 45.06" N, 96° 0' 1.46" W

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The very first Salebarn location is in George, Iowa. We are looking to add under-utilized or vacant commercial real estate which may serve as a locations for future Salebarn facilities. These Salebarn locations will provide the facilities and resources for product R&D workbenches and test labs, creative mending and upcycling meeting areas, refurbishing and repair workshops and consignment auction events.

What is unique about Salebarn as a hackerspace is that Salebarn offers consignment auction events and online auction. We believe that auction offers special potential to introduce the public to the notion of what hackerspaces are all about and to give members of the hackerspace [as well as non-members of the communities in which Salebarn is located] a chance to appraise and sell art, antiques, tools, equipment, vehicles, supplies, collectibles and all sorts of upcycled and refurbished items.


A full list of major tools is available on our [1], they include:

Heavy Tools

  • saw
  • bench
  • Bandsaw
  • Large Drill Press

Robot Tools

  • CNC
    • table-top CNC
  • Bridgeport
    • can mill pretty much anything.
  • RepRap v2 'Mendel' 3D Printer.

Electronics and Nanotechnology

  • Variable Temperature Soldering Stations
  • Oscilloscopes
  • AFM

Membership includes access to FXRZ re-furbishing company, where FXRZ members can get free materials such as wood, metal, rubber, plastic... you name it.