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Status active
Country Spain
State or District Las Palmas
City Mala (Haria)
Last Updated 2012-06-22
Snail mail

Calle El Cangrejo 19
E-35543 Mala (Haria)

Number of members 5
Membership fee Live-in hackerspace : 10€ daily / 300€ monthly contribution = full subsistence (food+stay)
Members Dcht00, Liesdl
Location 29° 6' 8.63" N, 13° 27' 49.69" W

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Cyberhippietotalism is a theoretical & practical counter-culture platform, currently establishing a series of European hacker live-in labs-residences.

CHT#1 was set up in December 2011 on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, because we (correctly) anticipated it would be a good idea to spend winters in a 20°C, year-long ocean swimming climate. Endless summer!!

CHT#2 will probably be set in either Berlin DE, or Ljubljana SI.

While other hackerspaces are just places to go to "in your spare time" or "after work", CHT overpowers the life-work dichotomy by also being a hip crashpad, and cooking nutritious food.

Kind of like what the hippie communes did, but beyond 1972 this time.

Integrating theory, technology research & development, and artistic tendencies, + living in the middle of all that, we are an "all-in" experimental platform towards futuristic models of men-technology coexistance.

True post-20th century life & social practices.

Getting here, staying here

CHT is an open space for visitors & accepting projects-residents: for a 10€ daily / 300€ monthly contribution you enjoy full subsistence (food+stay, details). Suggested time of stay would be ~ 3 weeks - 3 months.

The island has cheap flights from everywhere!

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