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An important goal of is to increase communication and collaboration between hackerspaces.


The rooms are bridged, in principle.


ircs:// for webchat

See also: IRC Channel (for information about which channels & networks may have relevant information.)


Update: [1] works better

See also: Matrix (for detailed information)



(2023/12: not bridged but active)

Also see Telegram (for admin & bridge info).

Mailing list[edit]

For coordination and discussion purposes we also provide mailing lists.

Note: The mailing list in a manual maintenance mode due to unaddressed technical problems and you may need to attend a few meetings to join and post at this point. Please update this information if you know more or differently.

  • If you want to actively discuss hackerspaces the Discussion List (unmoderated) is where you want to be.
  • If you want to talk about finance related topics such as fundraising ideas, strategies, member donations, tax laws, join Finance List.
  • We are happy to host your own mailing list, please ask us on the IRC/Matrix channel.

Regular meetings[edit]

Join the Meetings!


See Hackerspace Mentors - a list of experienced hackerspace members, willing to answer questions and offer advice.


If on Twitter, follow HackerspacesBot. Please ping @hackerspacesbot for RT of useful announces & info!

(Less active / down / deprecated)[edit]


Sometimes, hearing a human (or robot) voice just can't be beat. Join the monthly hackerspace Call-in. (SIP Conference Room available via mobile and landlines)

Planet Feeds[edit] aggregates as many hackerspaces blog feeds as possible, including hackerspaces | flux.

Currently available in English. See that announcement to have your hackerspace's feed included.

Microblogging (deprecated)[edit]

If you're on, join the hs group: use !hs or !hackerspaces or !hacklabs or !hacklab to notify the group when you micro-blog.

Static & Moving Images[edit]

Check the Hackerspaces Xchange group for resources to be shared between spaces.

Some hackerspaces are remotely viewable to some extent via Webcams.