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Do you have an invitation to Hogwart's now? Otherwise, what brings you to this page over 'ere?

Well, you can't just be snooping around everywhere now canyah? Whatever you're looking for won't be found over here or here...oops, I said too much now 'avn't I?

There's a lot to appreciate before one drops out of your world to enter another one. You gotta know where you came from before you can know where your goin'. Your world`s dysfunctional as it is -- p-lenty o' things to get done.

So, you mahight not want t'go slamming into brick walls, alright? We take personal responsbility 'ere, but if you go slammin' into brick walls, well we're not going to take responsibility for that, now. Y'hear?

Hogwarts is the province (realm) of J.K.Rowlings, published by Scholastical, Inc.

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