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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "Work in progress". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Chicken Road Labs  + (Varies)
  • Detroit Makers at District VII  + (Varies. We are still sorting out details and finishing some construction. Adding ore members at end of summer 2011.)
  • Taipei Hackerspace  + (Visit/projects: none, Supporting member: TBD)
  • Pack 'o' Hackerz  + (We are a new group, just getting started.
    We are a new group, just getting started. I live in a rural area and it is more than an hour's drive to the nearest city with a hackerspace, so I will be gathering up like-minded people in my area. I am working on arranging a place for us to meet. It most likely will be in a spare room of TNT Lanes Bowling Center in Vidalia, GA. Since we are rural, however, we will also be meeting at my home in Soperton, GA and I will be looking for a place in Dublin, GA as well. Standard membership will be $50/month and will be adjusted and at least temporarily deferred for those who cannot afford it yet. Our goal is not only the passionate pursuit of all things hackable, but also the development of new products, ideas, technologies, and techniques, so whatever discipline or field of study you bring to the table, you are welcome! If you are new to techie-land and just want to learn, you will be welcomed as one of our own as well. Feel free to contact GadgetSmith for more info...
    ee to contact GadgetSmith for more info...)
  • FredWorks  + (We are currently charging $5.00 US dollars, per month, to be considered 'members'. This gives folks access to members only nights at our facility at Fredericksburg Academy.)
  • HackLabAsu  + (We are defining yet)
  • Chaos Theory  + (We are going to shoot for a Basic membership to be at $30/mon. That is just a goal. We'll know more when we have a physical space.)
  • Tampa Bay Makerspace  + (We are hoping to get enough people for dues to be $20-30 per month)
  • Makerz  + (We are in course of establishing these details.)
  • GJ Makerspace  + (We are trying to start a Makerspace/Hackerspace in Grand Junction, CO. Currently there is no physical space and no fee - we simply have monthly meetings where we geekout for a couple of hours.)
  • Synth.Lab  + (We currently do not charge a membership fee. We are a company that is trying to open our store space for use of hackers during certain hours of the week.)
  • Shadow Script  + (We do not offer any membership fee, what we need is the attitude towards free and friendly environment, as part of our own success passing it forward is just the beginning.)
  • Telford Makerspace  + (We have a "pay what you can" policy: Standard membership £10 suggested Key-holder membership £20 suggested)
  • SB Hackerspace  + (We have a four-tier membership system; $10
    We have a four-tier membership system; $100 a month for unlimited access, free 3D prints, rack space or a VM, and tool scheduling, one free class a month, ID card, and storage space. $35 a month for 9am - 9pm daily access, tool scheduling, discounted classes, storage space, a VM, ID card, and 3 free 3D prints. $10 a month for 9am - 9pm access, an ID card, and discounted classes. The final tier is free, it comes with access to the space during any regularly scheduled meeting, an ID card, and the warm fuzzy feeling that you're helping out the community.
    ing that you're helping out the community.)
  • FredHack  + (We have no fee and no plans of changing th
    We have no fee and no plans of changing that in the future. We operate with the tools and work provided by our members. Unless some generous benefactor comes along, we do not plan on obtaining a commercial space. If you are a generous benefactor with a warehouse, office, or other space to donate, please email above.
    other space to donate, please email above.)
  • WesternMass Hackerspace  + (We have tiered membership fees that range from zero to $50/month)
  •  + (We offer various levels from $S 32.00 to $S512.00 monthly please go to for details)
  • LAG  + (We try to cover our monthly costs by voluntary donations. With the thought that nobody should be refrained from access to the space based on their budget. Contributions, however small, are greatly appreciated.)
  • Lower Bucks Hackerspace  + (We're so new, we don't even have an organization yet. I've been talking with a few people about getting something started, and putting up this page is a step in that process.)
  • Hak-IT  + (We're still developing, getting costs and such. But we have a space and some project Idea's 1st official meeting coming soon)
  • Catalyst Space  + (Weekend Access - $35/month Weekday Access - $45/month 7 Days A Week - $75/month Price in US dollars, fill out form on website for membership.)
  • EHS  + (Well, I'm just starting that up myself. I'd prefer if that would only decided when we have at least 5 people together. So therefor: At the moment it's free.)
  • Leicester Hackspace  + (What the members feels it is worth, no prescriptive fee)
  • HACMan  + (What you want (average £25/month, minimum £10/month ))
  • Coredump  + (With regular income: CHF 30+/month. Without regular income: CHF 10+/month.)
 (Work in progress)
  • Wausau Collaboration Center  + (Work in progress.)
  • Yet UnNamed HS  + (Working on it..)
  • SimCoLab  + (Working on rates now)
  • DoESLiverpool  + (Workshop membership: £30/month Permanent desk: £150/month Hot desking: £8/day)
  • Spread the Weird Studio  + (Workshops and Classes range from: - Single: Free, $20, $60 - 3-Day Workshops: $60, $120 - 24 Credit Hour Courses: $320 - 10-day Summer Camp: $400)
  • Uppsala Makerspace  + (Yearly cost: 200 SEK Full lab-access: 1000 SEK with yearly cost. Read more at:
  • Vigyan Ashram DIY Lab  + (Yearly membership charges are INR 500 but
    Yearly membership charges are INR 500 but space is open for non-members as well through different workshops and events. Charges for this workshop varies from INR 200 to 300 and it is also subsidized in some cases for participants who can't afford it economically.
    icipants who can't afford it economically.)
  • Hakkavélin(The Mincer)  + (Yearly membership fee of 10.000 kr ISK.)
  • Yutoribeya  + (Yen We have two monthly plan 1) 20,000 yen/month for usable all devices and one own desk and char. 2) 5,000 yen/month for usable all devices and shared desk and char.)
  • StavangerHackSpace  + (You are encouraged to buy a soda once a month to help pay for electricity.)
  • Hack Lab  + (You decide!)
  • Cloyne  + (You have to live in Cloyne and be a member of Berkeley Student Cooperative.)
  • WinonaHackers  + (You need to own your own equipment. That is all.)
  • Gangplank  + (Zero)
  • Tech-In.RU  + (Zero)
  • GarageLab  + (Zero! We will finance the space selling what we create.)
  • Dt Hacks  + (Zero, Nada, Nothing.)
  • Bastli  + (Zero, tips welcome. Students only.)
  • Bageriet  + (Zero.)
  • Rhyl Hackerspace  + (Zero. Tea, coffee and biscuits donations as and when.)
  • Conexao coworking  + (a partir de R$ 100,00)
  • Netz39  + (active members: 30€/10€ per month, support membership available)
  • Fablab Neckar-Alb  + (application fee: 40€ monthly fee: >= 10€)
  • ITP  + (approximately $60,000 over two years. Graduate School at NYU.)
  • MalaHack  + (as free)
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