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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "PKR 5000 / Month USD 32 / Month". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • F53Hack  + (Not membership fee now.)
  • J^3  + (Not open for membership yet)
  • Casablanca HackerSpace  + (Not specified yet)
  • Benicia Makerspace  + (Not sure yet.)
  • TekRev Labs  + (Not there yet....soon.)
  • Bits&Ohms  + (Not yet decided)
  • Woodford  + (Not yet decided)
  • Jeanne D'Hack  + (Not yet decided)
  • Hackzwolle  + (Not yet set)
  • Eastern Suburbs Hackers Group  + (Nothing)
  • Imaginärraum  + (Nothing)
  • Village Green Hackerspace  + (Nothing but work currently. We are still in start-up phase so we need lots of brainwork. That may change after incorporating as a nonprofit. You will always be able to work instead of pay though ;))
  • Http://  + (Nothing currently.)
  • Hackspace  + (Nothing right now just looking for some people that want to get together in mobile.)
  • Manguehack  + (Nothing yet, since where are still creating the hackerspace. We don't even have a headquarter.)
  • Hackerkollektiv  + (Nothing, only your personal data ;))
  • Source Hack  + (Now we have a free membership, so here we wait for you.)
  • LeodisSpace  + (Nowt!)
  • Laredo  + (Open Membership (for now) Contribution and Donation)
  • DeVry University Cybersecurity Lab  + (Open Users Group - no fees required)
  • Jigsaw Renaissance  + (Open to the public for free, donation requested, basic membership is $15/month, $50/mo. for a key if commit to 3 days of volunteering, $100/mo. for a key (24/7 access), $200/mo. for a key and a desk (storage space)
  • Metrix Create:Space  + (Open to the public, membership available for discounts on tools and services)
  • Founders  + (Opt-in amounts vary, and can be one-time or monthly starting at $5/month.)
  • Ginza Hub  + (Our 2 x 45 square meter Co-working Space i
    Our 2 x 45 square meter Co-working Space is available to Visitors for ¥500 per hour or ¥2,000 per day, between the weekday hours of 10:00 and 18:00, and is available 24/7 to Members who are given their own access key for ¥20,000 per month. No reservations are necessary.
    per month. No reservations are necessary.)
  • Lancaster And Morecambe Makers (LAMM)  + (Our standard membership rate is £25 a month though a reduced rate of £10 a month is available to students, people on low income and at the discretion of the board.)
  • DataPaulette  + (PWYW)
  • Navigator  + (Paid membership costs 6000 roubles (by Aug
    Paid membership costs 6000 roubles (by August, 2015 it is about 100$) each month. There is free membership called "hackspace keeping". It means that hackerspace becomes open for someone, who have some useful skills and agrees to do some work for keeping hackerspace clean, profitable and joyful for members.
    clean, profitable and joyful for members.)
  • Carrboro Creative Coworking  + (Part Time Coworker (Seat): $100 for ten days of use over three months Full Time Coworker (Desk): $250 a month Office Coworker: $512 a month (average) More info at
  • MACH  + (Part of the public library -- see website for details.)
  • Hacklab Cosenza  + (Partecipation is free. Mambers can associate, if they want, with 10 euros/year)
  • HackLab CatanZaro  + (Participation is free. The members may be associated with 20 € / year)
  • Delete-me  + (Participation is free. The members may be associated with 20 € / year)
  • Hackerspace Silesia  + (Pay What You Want from: 32PLN/64PLN/128PLN For people students and unemployed it's: 16PLN)
  • The Ambiguous Consortium  + (Pay for what you use and only charge others cost of materials. (Yearly membership fee will be established once we have more tools to justify it))
  • London Hackspace  + (Pay what you can afford, minimum £5/month, suggested £20.)
  • Hobart Makers  + (Pay what you can afford. 20AUD/month suggested)
  • Build Brighton  + (Pay what you can, min £15/month)
  • Swansea Hackspace  + (Pay what you can, minimum £5 per month)
  • So Make It (Southampton, UK)  + (Pay what you think the space is worth, minimum £5/mo. We need an average for £20/mo per member in order to survive!)
  • Hack Oldham  + (Pay what you want)
  • Nottinghack  + (Pay-What-You-Like Wednesday's Open Night is always Free Workshops will be priced on the website)
  • Borman STL  + (Payment is in equity at a rate of $1.25/sq ft/month.)
  • Saltillo Hackerspace  + (Planned for future)
  • McKinneyMakerspace  + (Planning. Variations for regular, students, visiting, etc anticipated.)
  • Miss Despoinas Hackspace  + (Pop Up digital literacy events Miss Despoi
    Pop Up digital literacy events Miss Despoinas is a salon for experimental research, radical aesthetics, production and exchange underlined by modes of maker culture. Aimed at learning computers the hard way with a soft hand, removing the strict barriers between software users and developers to enable the ‘uninitiated’ artist into using free software. Traditionally a male dominated field, these events contribute to a feminist approach of changing the gender of technology.
    oach of changing the gender of technology.)
  • 3drevolution  + (Por enquanto não há membership fee!!)
  • Hundredth Monkey  + (Price per event is $5 per person plus materials costs. Call or e-mail for details!)
  • Create At NEST  + (Prices vary per workshop event (for ad-hoc attendance). £150 per studio space per month (typical example))
  • Warehouse 51  + (Private Members/Owner Only, for time being, under construction.)
  • Usinette  + (Prix libre)
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