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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "Members: 30 TRY Students: 20 TR". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • 911 Media Arts Center  + (Individual Membership ($45) Dual Membership ($60) Student/Senior Membership ($25) Organization Membership ($250))
  • Makerspaces Mackay, Inc.  + (Individual rate: $15/month. Corporate rate: $60/Month offered in 6 month and annual intervals.)
  • Loveland CreatorSpace  + (Individual- $50 USD / mth Family - $75 USD / mth Supporting - $100 USD / mth Student - $25 USD / mth free low income memberships available)
  • Maker Works  + (Individual: $45/day, $110/month, $1100/year Family: $155/month 2 adults (15 years and younger are free) Student/Veteran/Teacher: $60/month, $600/year)
  • Windsor Hackforge  + (Initial Fee: $100 Membership Fee: $20/Month Student Fee: $10/Month)
  • Astronomy hacker space  + (It costs about 10 dollar per month)
  • Entrepreneurs for the future  + (It costs nothing to become involved with Entrepreneurs for the Future. We are funded by the European Regional Development Fund.)
  • Stolbcy Hackerspace  + (It will be very flexible.)
  • Mumbai Hackerspace  + (Its free , the only requirement being your sharing of ideas , thoughts, projects , DIY things and just chilling with the community .)
  • Proto.lab  + (Just show up and you are welcome - we make parties to break even.)
  • Vancouver Community Lab  + (Keyholder Membership: $100 CAD /Month Regular Membership: $30 CAD /Month)
  • Sainté openlab  + (L'adhésion à l'association coûte 10€ par an pour les étudiants et 20€ par an pour les autres.)
  • TLHackerspace  + (Let's start a hackerspace in Tallahassee. We have smart people and lots of examples of cooperative projects.)
  • Pikes Peak Electronics Engineering  + (Level 0 $10, Level 1 $20, Level 2 $30, Level 3 $40 /Monthly)
  • Club MTC  + (Lite Membership - $42.19 USD - 12 Hours M
    Lite Membership - $42.19 USD - 12 Hours Monthly Access - Access to all non-CNC tools and machinery - Lite users ages 12-15 are restricted to the Tech Center or working with an adult member Power Membership - $72.19 USD - Unlimited Monthly Access - Access to all tools and machinery for ages 16+ - 12 hours of CNC Mill time - 8 hours of CNC Router time - On-site storage for projects and consumables All Memberships Include - Access to tools and machinery - Safety and Basic Use training - Design center computer access - Clean and safe environment - Lounge and kitchen area - Free Wi-Fi
    t - Lounge and kitchen area - Free Wi-Fi)
  • Technocopia Worcester  + (M-F Days - $75 Nights and Weekends - $75 24/7 Access - $125 Rental space available for additional fee)
  • Coupar Angus SBC  + (Make A Difference (MAD) is free to take part. Offices to let.)
  • HackerspaceChiba  + (MakerMember:10000JPY(100USD)/month ResidentMember:30000JPY(100USD)/month DropIn:500JPY/day)
  • Lafayette Tech Labs  + (Meetings are free. There are some fees for projects and as the group acquires tools we may have a membership fee to allow access to those.)
  • Nova Labs  + (Member - $100/month<br /> Associate - $0-50/month<br /> Attendee - Free)
  • NESIT  + (Member dues are 50.00 dollars per month.)
  • Piel View Hackers  + (Members are currently charged per monthly session. Prices range from £3-£8 depending on materials needed.)
  • Oxford  + (Members choose how much to support the space. Guideline is £20 or more, monthly (GBP). Some pay up to £40, and the minimum for membership is £10.)
  • Hatch  + (Members of the space have a minimum monthl
    Members of the space have a minimum monthly of 50 RON (~15 euro), which means full access to equipment, parts and material and also voting rights. "Anyone is welcome, but that doesn't make them a member. Members are those proud few that support the space actively."
    roud few that support the space actively.")
  • Makers Local 256  + (Members set their own donation amounts, and are requested to make the consistent donation every month.)
  • Make Salt Lake  + (Membership $50 per month for full access.)
  • Tech Valley Center of Gravity  + (Membership Tiers: Associate Member -
    Membership Tiers: Associate Member - $25 one time fee Only created when a membership, class, or bundle of day-passes is purchased. Membership Card Eligible for equipment training classes Safety/Orientation and Training class (see below) required for any unsupervised equipment use. Full Member - $60/month ($30/month students) Membership Card Eligible for equipment training classes Safety/Orientation class included in first month’s membership Access to the Makerspace during all official open hours Eligible for volunteer discount (see below) Voting privileges Super User - $100/month All benefits of full membership 24/7 Personal Card Access and on-site storage bin included Family Memberships - Full or Super +$20/month All benefits of the base membership purchased includes all immediate family members (children, spouses) who have attended safety training (class fee not included)
    d safety training (class fee not included))
  • West Coast Makers  + (Membership at the moment is free.)
  • Quantum Tech Club  + (Membership costs £10 per year. We welcome non-members at our meetings - membership is not a condition of attendance. Attendance at meetings is £1.50 for members and £3 for non-members.)
  • Hacker Space Seoul  + (Membership fee depends on activity within community. 10manwon (apps. 100dollar) for general members, 3.5 to 5 manwon(35$ to 50$) for associate members - both Monthly)
  •  + (Membership fee is 150 DKK/month (75 if you are a student))
  • Danbury Hackerspace  + (Membership fee should be $50 (USD) monthly for hackers, and coworking starts at $50 per month.)
  • Ithaca Generator  + (Membership fee varies by access privileges; lowest fee is $20/month.)
  • Make arkansas (working title)  + (Membership fee will be under $50 bucks)
  • (Kozani Linux User's Group  + (Membership fee: 20 Euro/yearly.)
  • 5Stones  + (Membership fee:¥5000RMB( $700USD)/year)
  • NI Hackerspace  + (Membership fees are still to be determined based on initial membership and initial donations.)
  • Paradygm  + (Membership fees aren't written in stone. At this point it has been funded primarily by the musical events and 1 member. More specifics to come.)
  • ONSP  + (Membership for the time being is free as the group needs to grow and become established.)
  • Aiki lab  + (Membership include 24/7 access to the hackerspace, Youth and/or Student Members: 512 SYP Monthly, Regular Members: 1024 SYP Monthly, Hotdesk Members: 2048 SYP Monthly, Resident Members: 5120 SYP Monthly)
  • Vers  + (Membership includes a room (for living) and cost an average of 280 Euro a month.)
  • Squidwrench  + (Membership is $25/month plus at least one contribution to the space every three months.)
  • Ctrl-h  + (Membership is $40/month. You can join through paypal, the meetup group – and we provide other options (even bitcoin). With membership you get 24/7 access.)
  • GSP Makerspace  + (Membership is 300 SEK / year. Lab access is 70 SEK / month or 360 SEK / six months or 600 SEK / year. We accept Swish payments.)
  • Open Labs  + (Membership is Free as in Free Beer but donations are encouraged.)
  • Codebridge  + (Membership is R500/month (ZAR))
  • Maker Station  + (Membership is a once off fee of 23USD Workspace access starts at 16USD per day for a 4square meter cubicle, and access to workshops from 16USD per hour.)
  • SkullSpace  + (Membership is currently $40 CAD per month regularly, $20 CAD per month for full-time students.)
  • GeekWine  + (Membership is currently free. If we have courses or group projects we ask that you provide your own tools/supplies.)
  • Dragonhack (Carmarthen Hackerspace)  + (Membership is currently £25 GBP payable monthly.)
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