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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "In Construction". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Red Mountain Makers  + (Full member (with storage) - $120/month, Key-holding member - $80/month, Maker - $40/month)
  • Site 3 coLaboratory  + (Full membership (24 hour access): $100CAD/month, plus $300CAD initial buy-in Associate membership (limited access): $100CAD/3 months)
  • Protospace  + (Full membership is $55CAD/month which includes 24-hour access to the space and tools. We offer subsidized rates for students and low-income members.)
  • ThinkHaus  + (Full membership- $60/month Special Starving Hacker rates available)
  • Saskatoon TechWorks  + (Full membership: $50 (CAD)/month Student Membership: $240 (CAD)/8 months)
  • South side hackerspace: chicago  + (Full membership: USD 60/mo Starving Hacker: USD 35/mo)
  • Garde  + (Garde-Party ry associations fee 20€ / year)
  • MAG Laboratory  + (General can access the space whenever a keyholder is around: $40 Keyholder, has a key card, can come to the space whenever 24/7: $90)
  • The Faculty  + (Given upon request.)
  • Hamilton Hackerspace  + (Gold coin ($AUD) donation to the Hamilton Community house per visit (or in advance).)
  • Auckland Hackerspace  + (Gold coin koha, per meetup.)
  • HS Ipswich  + (Governing Hacker $60 per month / $30 per m
    Governing Hacker $60 per month / $30 per month (Low Socio-economic discount) * Aimed at hackers who wish to not only tinker and create, but also help HS Ipswich grow and develop. * Given access to space outside of public open nights (varies due to shopping centre location) * Governing hackers have voting rights, and can be elected to executive and other leadership roles within HS Ipswich. * Discounts on workshops & activities * Storage space at HS Ipswich Non-Governing Hacker $40 per month / $20 per month (Low Socio-economic discount) * Aimed at those who wish to tinker and create, but without the hassle of members meetings, votes or other governance matters. * Given access to space outside of public open nights (varies due to shopping centre location) * Discounts on workshops & activities * Storage space at HS Ipswich Casual Hacker $50 per year * Aimed at those who wish to provide a small amount of support to HS Ipswich * Access to basic online resources (Forums, wiki) * Access to event discounts * No other rights All prices are in AUD
    * No other rights All prices are in AUD)
  • Tinkartank  + (Gratis)
  • Kulturgewächshaus Fürth  + (Group and place still in formation)
  • DimSumLabs  + (HK$700 monthly for full membership (you can register a Octopus card). Student discounts and concessions available.)
  • Fill in the Blank  + (HKD50 for the first hour & HKD30 Hour
    HKD50 for the first hour & HKD30 Hour for every additional hour. First hour you receive 2 coupons which allow you redeem snacks and drinks. Half Day: HKD200 with 5 coupons (coupons allow you to redeem snacks and drinks) Full Day: HKD360 with 5 coupons (coupons allow you to redeem snacks and drinks)
    ons allow you to redeem snacks and drinks))
  • SpaceLab 1  + (Hacker $50/month: Access to the space whe
    Hacker $50/month: Access to the space whenever another member is present, Free classes, Coffee, printer, copier /// Coworker $150/month: 24/7 Access to the space, Free classes, Coffee, printer, copier, parking Mailbox /// Pro $200/month: 24/7 Access to the space, Free classes, Coffee, printer, copier, parking Mailbox, Personal Desk Space, Personal Storage Space
    ersonal Desk Space, Personal Storage Space)
  • TinkerMaker at Connect Ventura  + (Hackerspace membership included in the coworking membership for Connect Ventura, ranging from $15 day passes on up. See
  • Hacedores Makerspace  + (Hasta $500 mxn al mes)
  • Paris Projects  + (I'm looking to see if there is enough inte
    I'm looking to see if there is enough internist around here to get a hackerspace going, I'd really love one and can provide plenty of tools and expertise. Anyone interested let me know and email me at duncant20196nospam (at) (obliviously take out the "nospam") (obliviously take out the "nospam"))
  • EnlaceRio  + (I've started to get requests from people I
    I've started to get requests from people I know who are interested in starting this hackerspace, and I have received email from a more who found the entry on this site. We still have a potential building available, but I really need to see if the interest goes anywhere before committing. I will likely be organizing a meeting sometime in the next month (June 2012) to discuss the plans for this hackerspace, and go over ideas for the long run (including events, sponsorship, etc.). If anyone's interested, please email me.
    If anyone's interested, please email me.)
  • Headstart Hackerspace  + (INR 100)
  • Chennai Makerspace  + (INR 500 per month or 100 per day. We currently are open only during weekends.)
  • Maker Austria  + (Im Bereich der Mitgliedschaft geht Maker A
    Im Bereich der Mitgliedschaft geht Maker Austria einen neuen und anderen Weg gehen, inspiriert von Elinor Ostrom. Ostrom hat gezeigt, „wie gemeinschaftliches Eigentum von Nutzerorganisationen erfolgreich verwaltet werden kann“. Ostrom hat 2009 als erste Frau den Alfred-Nobel-Gedächtnispreis für Wirtschaftswissenschaften erhalten. Was bedeutet das: - Maker Austria gibt keinen fixen Mitgliedsbeitrag vor. Es ist Deine Entscheidung, mit welchen Beitrag Du die Gemeinschaft der Maker Austria und somit den Fortbestand des MakerSpace unterstützt. - D.h. vereinfacht gesagt – unterstütze die Gemeinschaft mit dem was es Dir Wert ist, Du angemessen findest und was Du Dir gut leisten kannst. - Ein Vorteil dieser Beitragsregelung ist der, dass wir es damit auch Menschen ermöglichen die es aktuell nicht so leicht im Leben haben, alle Vorteil der Maker Austria nutzten zu können. Nur gemeinsam können wir dieses Projekt langfristige am Leben halten und als Draufgabe sogar etwas verändern und bewegen. - Das große Ziel von Maker Austria ist es, einen Verein zu schaffen, der von der Gemeinschaft getragen wird. Wo jeder jedem hilft, wo die Starken die Schwachen unterstützen, es keinen Neid oder Missgunst gibt und wo jeder so sein darf wie er ist (auch wenn es ganz anders ist!). Sollten es Dich im Detail interessieren wie wir uns das vorstellen – komm einfach ab dem 15.09.2014 bei uns im MakerSpace vorbei, wir werden Dir alles erklären und zeigen.
    wir werden Dir alles erklären und zeigen.)
 (In Construction)
  • Hackerspace-RepDom  + (In Construction.)
  • Hackerspace Westerwald  + (In Planung)
  • Lancaster Lab  + (In discussion)
  • Hackalot  + (In principle €25)
  • Wyoming TinkerSpace  + (Individual - $50 Family - $75 Organization - $200 *subsidized membership available*)
  • 911 Media Arts Center  + (Individual Membership ($45) Dual Membership ($60) Student/Senior Membership ($25) Organization Membership ($250))
  • Makerspaces Mackay, Inc.  + (Individual rate: $15/month. Corporate rate: $60/Month offered in 6 month and annual intervals.)
  • Loveland CreatorSpace  + (Individual- $50 USD / mth Family - $75 USD / mth Supporting - $100 USD / mth Student - $25 USD / mth free low income memberships available)
  • Maker Works  + (Individual: $45/day, $110/month, $1100/year Family: $155/month 2 adults (15 years and younger are free) Student/Veteran/Teacher: $60/month, $600/year)
  • Windsor Hackforge  + (Initial Fee: $100 Membership Fee: $20/Month Student Fee: $10/Month)
  • Astronomy hacker space  + (It costs about 10 dollar per month)
  • Entrepreneurs for the future  + (It costs nothing to become involved with Entrepreneurs for the Future. We are funded by the European Regional Development Fund.)
  • Stolbcy Hackerspace  + (It will be very flexible.)
  • Mumbai Hackerspace  + (Its free , the only requirement being your sharing of ideas , thoughts, projects , DIY things and just chilling with the community .)
  • Proto.lab  + (Just show up and you are welcome - we make parties to break even.)
  • Vancouver Community Lab  + (Keyholder Membership: $100 CAD /Month Regular Membership: $30 CAD /Month)
  • Sainté openlab  + (L'adhésion à l'association coûte 10€ par an pour les étudiants et 20€ par an pour les autres.)
  • TLHackerspace  + (Let's start a hackerspace in Tallahassee. We have smart people and lots of examples of cooperative projects.)
  • Pikes Peak Electronics Engineering  + (Level 0 $10, Level 1 $20, Level 2 $30, Level 3 $40 /Monthly)
  • Club MTC  + (Lite Membership - $42.19 USD - 12 Hours M
    Lite Membership - $42.19 USD - 12 Hours Monthly Access - Access to all non-CNC tools and machinery - Lite users ages 12-15 are restricted to the Tech Center or working with an adult member Power Membership - $72.19 USD - Unlimited Monthly Access - Access to all tools and machinery for ages 16+ - 12 hours of CNC Mill time - 8 hours of CNC Router time - On-site storage for projects and consumables All Memberships Include - Access to tools and machinery - Safety and Basic Use training - Design center computer access - Clean and safe environment - Lounge and kitchen area - Free Wi-Fi
    t - Lounge and kitchen area - Free Wi-Fi)
  • Technocopia Worcester  + (M-F Days - $75 Nights and Weekends - $75 24/7 Access - $125 Rental space available for additional fee)
  • Coupar Angus SBC  + (Make A Difference (MAD) is free to take part. Offices to let.)
  • HackerspaceChiba  + (MakerMember:10000JPY(100USD)/month ResidentMember:30000JPY(100USD)/month DropIn:500JPY/day)
  • Lafayette Tech Labs  + (Meetings are free. There are some fees for projects and as the group acquires tools we may have a membership fee to allow access to those.)
  • Nova Labs  + (Member - $100/month<br /> Associate - $50/month<br /> Attendee - Free)
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