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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "FREE with proof of an active FOSS project; github link or similar". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Neuron  + (Dynamic membership: 3,000 RUR (no fixed workplace)<br />Static membership: 10,000 RUR (fixed workplace))
  • MAKE RIGA  + (EUR 10 for a basic membership without 24/7 access. EUR 5 for a day pass EUR 75 for a permanent seat at a table in the coworking room + 24/7 key)
  • C-base  + (EUR 17 monthly)
  • Freies Labor  + (EUR 20 (regular), EUR 10 (reduced))
  • Usr/space  + (EUR 20/Month; Quaterly, semiannual, annually)
  • Mainframe  + (EUR 25 monthly (regular members)<br /> EUR 10 monthly (reduced))
  • Metalab  + (EUR 25 per month)
  • Realraum  + (EUR 25 per month, EUR 15 for junior members)
  • Revelation space  + (EUR 25,- / month)
  • IF3M  + (EUR 270 per month plus tax (monthly payment, minimum period of stay is two months))
  • Unperfekthaus  + (EUR 4 for 1 hour, EUR 6,50 for 5 hours or EUR 10,50 per day or EUR 45.- every 3 months (both includes unlimited coffe, tea, softdrinks))
  • Opennet - Frieda23  + (EUR 5 EUR per month (Opennet Initiative e.V.))
  • Robot Garden  + (Early bird rate of $25 month for individuals and $40 month for families - will go up in 2014 as our equipment list has grown.)
  • Pandora  + (Es gratuito pero la verdad que este sistema de registro es bastanque pequeño burgues y discriminador...)
  • Spark Studio Salem  + (Est $40/month)
  • Fablab013 Tilburg (Netherlands)  + (Eur 260 annually)
  • TrepHub  + (Event attendance is free (for most events) $150 USD monthly for regular access $450 USD monthly for a dedicated office)
  • Le Reset  + (Everybody is welcome. Pay what you want/can entrance. No membership.)
  • Hackerspace Nijmegen  + (Everyone pays equals share in the rent.)
  • H4ckL4luch4  + (FREE)
  •  + (FREE)
  • YFF  + (FREE)
  • Québec 3d printing Community  + (FREE)
  • Salisbury Hackerspace  + (FREE)
  • Bengal hackers  + (FREE no money)
 (FREE with proof of an active FOSS project; github link or similar)
  • Wayla  + (FREE with proof of an active FOSS project; github link or similar.)
  • Towson Makerspace  + (FREE!!!)
  • MELD Workshop  + (Fee-for-service/merch model)
  • MakeHartford  + (Fees $50 autopay recurring, $60 monthly for regular membership. Other membeships available.)
  • Hackers Hive  + (Fees are to be determined once the hacker space is developed.)
  • HackLAB Raleigh  + (Financial support is by volunteer donation
    Financial support is by volunteer donation at We’re a growing MakerSpace that makes unique custom products like T-Shirts and Signs and Accessories to help sponsor and support young designers. The hackLAB is a maker mentor program in its infancy. Some background. Ryan taught at NC State Design and during Summers, Design Camp but noticed many weren't able to afford this entry-level design education opportunity at $600 wk+ so they never pursued design careers. That sucks. With others, he now mentors makers and designers students of all ages from schools, garages and art fairs. This hopefully will spark an engineering or design mind. Together, let's change young lives and keep there minds creative and happy.
    s and keep there minds creative and happy.)
  • The Gambia  + (For Now - For Free)
  • Corrèze Elab  + (For one year, membership fee cost is 25 Euros (30 USD))
  • Paralelni polis  + (For the coworking space the equivalent, in bitcoin, of 300 Czech Crowns monthly and upwards depending on the number of hours.)
  • MakeHackVoid  + (For those who are able, we ask that you pa
    For those who are able, we ask that you pay a monthly contribution to the running costs. Most people pay $30 a month using a scheduled payment through their online banking. There are also donation boxes in the space if regular payments are difficult for you.
    if regular payments are difficult for you.)
  • Underscore To  + (Free)
  • Molekula  + (Free)
  • Vilnius hideout  + (Free)
  • BetaLab  + (Free)
  • HaSCC  + (Free)
  • World Hackers United  + (Free)
  • BUILDS  + (Free)
  • Feral Technology Institute  + (Free)
  • The Archive Hacker Pad  + (Free)
  • Hackerspace@tamabi  + (Free)
  • Svarta Hammarby  + (Free)
  • Crafts Center  + (Free)
  • Hacklab01  + (Free)
  • Downgrade hackerspace  + (Free)
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