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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "Currently FREE!". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Endstation  + (Between 10 and 25€ depending on the number of paying members .)
  • Inorama  + (Binary Membership - 30 USD / month Decimal Membership - 50 USD / month Hexadecimal Membership - 85 USD / month Quantum Membership - 150 USD / month)
  • Fraser Valley Makerspace  + (Board members $30 Canadian a month, drop in is free for the public and regular members.)
  • M-Labs  + (Bring a hack)
  • Gatineau Sustainable Makerspace  + (By Donation Only. Some events may have attached fees. Deposits may be made for certain events.)
  • Nelson Tech Club  + (By donation: $2.00 per meeting OR Membership: $50 / year)
  • HackLab.TO  + (CAD 50 per month)
  • Projektlabor  + (CHF 10 per day or CHF 100 per year)
  • Chaostreff Bern  + (CHF 240 every year. You can pay for a year or for 3 months, or just visit us for CHF 5 per evening.)
  • Eastermundigen  + (CHF 30.- / monthly)
  • CCCZH  + (CHF 360 per year)
  • Makers im Zigerschlitz  + (CHF 50.- for full membership yearly. CHF 30.- for passive membership yearly. students and members in apprenticeship do not need to pay a yearly fee!)
  • Ruum42  + (CHF 75.- / Monat für Vollmitglieder, CHF 15.- / Monat für Supportmitglieder)
  • MakePlace  + (Casual Making – $60 per month Casual Maker
    Casual Making – $60 per month Casual Maker access gives you access to the MakePlace any 3 days per week. Included: Access to all tools in the facility, Further: Swipecard access, wifi (prepay for usage), tea/coffee and kitchen facilities. Serious Making – $120 per month Serious Maker access gives you access to the MakePlace any 7 days per week. Included: Access to all tools in the facility, Further: Swipecard access, wifi (prepay for usage), tea/coffee and kitchen facilities. Day Experience – $20 per day Try out our facilities for the day. At dates specified on our website you can walk in and try out the workshop. Usage of all machines are included as long as you have gone through the mandatory training for them.
    e through the mandatory training for them.)
  • Make for All  + (Changes are afoot. Currently a proposed monthly membership with usage fee for equipment, materials, additional space.)
  • Kaupunkiverstas - Urban Workshop  + (City Library, free service)
  • Prince Albert Hackerspace  + (Coming Soon!)
  • Centre for Electronics Design and Technology  + (Contact for details.)
  • NODE-LAB  + (Core Class 5,000 JP YEN / yearly Supporters Class 2,000 JP YEN / yearly)
  • TAPLab  + (Council backed / Donations)
  • Gremlin Collective  + (Courses and workshops will be paid forward
    Courses and workshops will be paid forward by the attendees by giving more courses and workshops about their fields. Location is mobile, using public spaces such as libraries, galleries or any available hall. Software should be released on a public repository with open licenses. Hardware will be shared discretionally to people highly involved in the requiring project.
    highly involved in the requiring project.)
  • TinkTank  + (Coworking Space - basic monthly members
    Coworking Space - basic monthly membership = $110/month *Desk Space * beverages * Color laser printer HackerSpace - - Coworking benefits, plus access to * laser cutter (working on acquiring this now) * misc. tools * storage space * discounts on materials
    storage space * discounts on materials)
  • Duluth MakerSpace  + (Currently $25/mo for mostly just TechShop at this point.)
  • PRG  + (Currently 250,- DKK/Year .)
  • The Learned Nerd  + (Currently FREE)
  • HACKingston  + (Currently Free)
  • Things Lab  + (Currently Free)
  • Southwest Florida Hackerspace  + (Currently Free)
  • YOUBLOB  + (Currently Free - Beta access)
  • Hackerspace Kolkata  + (Currently Free - for serious hackers/security people only.)
  • Public Sector Hackspace  + (Currently free)
  • SocialGeeks  + (Currently free to all CSI students and members of the community.)
  • Fairfield County Makers Guild  + (Currently free.)
  • Wyoming Tinker Guild  + (Currently membership is free We are still in the organizational mode and will be discussing fees and permanent space in future meetings. Currently are meeting in a garage space (heated).)
  • Frostbox  + (Currently no fees, but trying to get 40 or so people willing to pay $30 a month.)
  • CreativeLab  + (Currently no membership fee)
  • Waterspace  + (Currently no membership fee)
  • TeamTank  + (Currently no membership fee is required, As numbers increase and resources become short a minimal membership fee may be required.)
  • Dead Programmers Society  + (Currently no membership fee.)
  • BinarySpace  + (Currently no membership fees, but a donation is always appreciated.)
  • Localhorst  + (Currently none)
  • Kiberpipa  + (Currently planning how to introduce membership fees.)
  • MoNZ  + (Currently revising our membership fees)
  • Open Lab Idaho  + (Currently the monthly fee is $35)
  • Mt Union Creative Computing Lab Experiment  + (Currently there are no membership or usage fees. This is a scenic, rural area, with a low cost of living. About 2.5hrs from Baltimore, 3 from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & DC.)
  • "Portsmouth Makerspace"  + (Currently there is no fee, as meetings have not taken part yet and there is no venue currently. Once this is arranged then a fee will be discussed with the group.)
  • MakersBase  + (Currently there is no membership fee, just a small price to rent the machines)
  • LAB 244  + (Currently there is no membership fee, the space is funded by the university.)
  • Hackerspace Natal  + (Currently there is no membership fee, there are events in a space hosted by a company.)
  • NerdBridge  + (Currently there is no membership fee.)
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