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A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "??". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Tarrafa Hacker Clube  + (60, 40 or 20 BRL/month (about 30/20/10 USD))
  • Chaihuo x.factory  + (600RMB/month/person)
  • Brainstorm  + (60€ yearly/member 100€ yearly/family)
  • EDTRICation  + (65-150 USD/month)
  • Mikrofabriken  + (650 SEK/Month)
  • Dark age advanced hacker  + (66600$)
  • Fab Lab Egypt  + (7 USD/monthly)
  • Make Nashville  + (75 USD monthly)
  • NYC Resistor  + (75 USD per month (with teaching classes), 115 USD/month (no teaching))
  • 757Labs  + (757 Labs is a hackerspace located in downt
    757 Labs is a hackerspace located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. We are located at the corner of Bute Street and Duke Street. 757 Labs provides a place to share technical resources and knowledge. It's a place for hackers (in the proper use of the term) and makers to come together and work on projects. These projects include artistic endeavors, computer gaming, electronics repair, hardware disassembly & reengineering, music jamming, and software design. The lab is also used by some local technology user groups to host meetings and give presentations. Our list of resources and tools is quite lengthy, so visit the wiki for more details. Membership is open to the public, but requires approval by existing members, and includes monthly dues of $50/month. Feel free to contact us to arrange a visit, though you can also check our events listing and Facebook page for Open Hack Days / Nights -- these are opportunities for everyone to check out at the lab: hang-out with lab members, talk about our ongoing projects, and tour the facilities.
    ongoing projects, and tour the facilities.)
  • Shackspace  + (8+ EUR/m (reduced), 20+ EUR/m (full), 50+ EUR/m (supporter, optional))
  • Laborazon  + (80 RON)
  • Makerspace Santiago  + (80 USD Monthly. We also have space for small residence companies with fixed desk and storage. 250 USD (max 4 people))
  • RAIF HQ  + (80.- / 40.- CHF/monthly Full-/Half-member)
  • GeekLabs  + (800 DKK/12 months, 450 DKK/6 months)
  • Hasi  + (8€ monthly + voluntary donation)
  • Kaunas Makerspace  + (9 Eur (30 Lt) monthly)
  • TechSpace  + (900 CNY / Month for day and night single user 500 CNY / Month / Person for team member ( Limited 2~5 persons for 1 team ) 400 CNY / 10 Times for DIY)
  • Saigon Hackspace  + (900,000 VND/month 450,000 VND/month "starving hacker" rate)
  • CCC Bremen  + (9€/month standard fee)
  • IN-Berlin  + (9€/month<br /> Costs of participation and usage of our ISP services are dependent on the services used.)
  • Artifactory  + (<ul> <li><b>Full:</b&
    <ul> <li><b>Full:</b> $70 AUD Per Month</li> <li><b>Concession:</b> $40 AUD Per Month</li> <li><b>Day:</b> $20 AUD</li> <li><b>Half Day:</b> $10 AUD</li> </ul>
    :</b> $10 AUD</li> </ul>)
  • Laboratoire d'Aix-périmentation et de Bidouille  + (<ul> <li><b>Full:</b> 30€ Per year</li> <li><b>Day:</b> 20€</li> <li><b>Half Day:</b> 10€</li> </ul>)
  • Making Place  + (?)
  • Straze  + (?)
  • Hack Rolla!  + (???)
  • NewchuirchHS  + (@ the moment membership is free. but beer and other drinks provided have to be bought. Payment method: "Cashbox of trust" ;-))
  • Hackers-Lab  + (A Free Hackerspace to spread and share about free culture! Un Hackerspace Libre et gratuit pour partager la culture libre!)
  • MakerSpaceLeiden  + (A minimum donation of 25 euros/month is suggested.)
  • SparkCC  + (AU$40 per month)
  • Makaz Place  + (AUD $35 / month)
  • Hackerspace Brisbane  + (AUD$60/mo, $30 for students/unemployed, discounts for paying 3 months or more)
  • Garagemhacker  + (About 50U$ / monthly)
  • White-Hat Club  + (Absolutely Free)
  • FrankensteinGarage FabLabMilano  + (Actually 0)
  • /emdria  + (Actually nothing.)
  • ODW4H  + (Actually only one Beer for me ;-) (everything will be Planned so doesn't metter now) if you are interested, send me an e-mail.)
  • MatesLab  + (Actually we have a montly membership fee of 11,5 USD. New members can take a few months to decide if they want to be active and start paying the fee.)
  • UN-Hack-Bar  + (Adults (18+): 10 EUR / month Youths (14-18), Students, Pupils: 5 EUR / month Childrend (0-14): free)
  • Hackheim  + (Adults: 400NOK/M Children/Students: 250NOK/M)
  • Maker Kids  + (After school classes $250 / 10 weeks 2 hrs per week. Summer camp $250 per full week. Drop in memberships to be determined.)
  • TechNode  + (All Final Costs still to be determined. Possibly at $50/month = Full Member and otherwise as whatever can be afforded. (Still in discussion))
  • Unallocated Space  + (All donations are voluntary and cover the
    All donations are voluntary and cover the overhead. Recurring donators at $50 per a month receive storage space and a check-in badge. Recurring donators at $100 per a month receive server rack space and are eligibility for a key with 24/7 access. All recurring donation privileges are negotiable based on their contributions and trustworthiness. Please see our web site for up-to-date details.
    e see our web site for up-to-date details.)
  • Hacker Space Kuala Lumpur  + (All members: RM50/month)
  • Ohmspace  + (All memberships are suspended due to loss of a physical location.)
  • ColoDesk  + (All prices are USD: $89/mo Virtual, $235/mo Standard, $425/mo Premium, $945 group (office for 3 people). Other options, including server colocation on premises, are available.)
  • Potteries  + (Although there is no obligation to pay for your time in the hackspace, we do very strongly encourage you to donate what you can to help support the group going forward.)
  • The Warehouse  + (Ambassador Space: $395.00 Monthly Perfect
    Ambassador Space: $395.00 Monthly Perfect for young emerging companies Private work/office area for team of 3-5 (Approx. 150 sf) Open access 8:00 AM – midnight and keyholder access for up to 5 Full access to community hacker / maker zone Online directory listing on the community page Priority access to conference rooms Mail service/receptionist/phone service Citizen: $189.00 Monthly Open Access 8:00 AM – Midnight 365 days/ One (1) Keyholder Private desk in a shared office Access to conference and meeting rooms Full access to community hacker / maker zone Mail service/ Receptionist/ Phone service Resident: $89.00 Monthly/Student $39 Monthly 365 day 8:00 AM – midnight Access / One (1) Keyholder Use of any open desk space Full access to community hacker / maker zone Access to conference and meeting rooms Friends of The Warehouse: $25.00 Monthly 4 visits per month Use of any open desk space One hour use of the meeting room per week. Warehouse Tourist: $10.00 Daily One time pass of any open desk during business hours. Access to conference space and meeting rooms
    cess to conference space and meeting rooms)
  • Laboratoire Ouvert Grenoblois  + (Annual membership (30€/month), can be paid by standing order, Reduced price at 15€/month, Supporter price at 50€/month)
  • GITFUHKD  + (As of now, there is none. I'd like to keep it more of a fee-less, but we all know you're a p.o.s. douchebag for not contributing, environment.)
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