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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "$50per month". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • The Hackademy  + ($55 USD or $150 XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars))
  • Twin Cities Maker  + ($55/mo. as of Feb, 2012. Student discount of $30)
  • Tesseract Point  + ($55/month full membership. $200/month professional membership. $12 day visit)
  • I3Detroit  + ($59 per month (USD) (the only level of mem
    $59 per month (USD) (the only level of membership): 24/7 access to the space by RFID key, tool usage, member storage allocation, members-only discussion list access, class discounts, and invitations to members-only events. $0 for guests: 24/7 access whenever your friend the member is around to host you as their guest. Full access to tools, but no storage, and cannot be alone in the space (must have a member present).
    in the space (must have a member present).)
  • Root Access  + ($59, $29 Discount, $19 Weekend)
  • Maui Makers  + ($60 USD per month)
  • Mothership HackerMoms  + ($60 a month)
  • Hacker-Space Ipswich  + ($60 per month, Starving Hacker $30 per month one level of membership at 2 price points)
  • Fox.Build  + ($60 per month.)
  • Vault404  + ($60/month or $35 poor man's special, We ha
    $60/month or $35 poor man's special, We have RV, car, boat, and helicopter parking. RVs, Boats and Helicopters require a $20 parking permit available on location. Camping area, Outdoor staging area and indoor hackerspace. The vault has common work area, concessions, and the zen room featuring xbox360. For now the toilet situation is dubious but we will work something out. More to come!
    we will work something out. More to come!)
  • Ventureforge  + ($65 USD / Month;)
  • Pumping Station: One  + ($70 Full Membership - $40 Starving Hacker)
  • ENTS  + ($75 Monthly membership<br /> $750 Yearly membership<br />)
  • M.A.G. Lab  + ($75 USD for keyed membership, $35 for geneneral)
  • Cambridge Hackspace  + ($75 USD/month)
  • MakeIt Labs  + ($75 for Pro, $40 for Hobbyist. Group/Special Rates Available.)
  • PerfectFab  + ($75 monthly)
  • East Gippsland Makerspace  + ($75 one off joining fee & $365 per annum)
  • ATX Hackerspace  + ($75 per month with auto-pay, $100 month to month, discount for students & family rates available)
  • SLO Makerspace  + ($75-$100/month)
  • Catalyze Chicago  + ($75/m to $350/m)
  • STEAM Work Labs  + ($75/mo + tiered memberships available)
  • Confusion Research Center  + ($75/mo or $750/yr for individuals. $50/mo
    $75/mo or $750/yr for individuals. $50/mo or $500/yr for students w/ valid ID, $150/month or $1500/yr for groups. $75/mo or $750/yr for families. $250/month or $2500/yr for commercial organizations. $20/day transient/daily access. $250+ suggested for grants or gifts. You don't need to be a member to participate.
    don't need to be a member to participate.)
  • Solid State Depot  + ($75: single month, $65: recurring monthly, $25: student monthly)
  • JaxHax  + ($75USD/Mo)
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