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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Membership fee" with value "$25/month". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Institute for Exploratory Research  + ($20/month)
  • Bozeman MakerSpace  + ($20/month)
  • MakeLV  + ($20/month for a regular member with $5 monthly suggested donations.)
  • Make Lehigh Valley  + ($20/month for a regular member with $5 monthly suggested donations.)
  • Lamba Labs  + ($20/monthly)
  • Brunswick Hackerspace  + ($20/year)
  • Burn Space  + ($200 USD Monthly. Possibility of a secondary membership tier.)
  • TechStars  + ($200 USD monthly, month to month.)
  • Nordeast Makers  + ($200 a Month)
  • RockIT CoLabs  + ($200 a month for 24-hour membership. $100
    $200 a month for 24-hour membership. $100 for 24-hour membership possible when you teach a free class at least once a month. Attending or hosting meetups and classes frequently free. (If you want to charge to teach a class there may be a small fee for use of the space). We accept cash, credit card, Bitcoin and barter. We also offer free memberships to people who are doing work for a worthy cause or something that amazes, delights, or tickles our fancy.
    at amazes, delights, or tickles our fancy.)
  • Sector67  + ($200/month 7'x7' office space $100/month f
    $200/month 7'x7' office space $100/month full time membership rate $50/month starving hacker (full-time student) rate $25/month for high school students (parent or guardian must attend with anyone under 18) We also host co-working for $30/month (no key or tool use) Class costs are typically $20/hour - members receive discounted rates
    20/hour - members receive discounted rates)
  • Western Kansas Community Group  + ($240.00 Per Year)
  • Maker Mill  + ($25 - $50/Month)
  • Baltimore Hackerspace  + ($25 / Month)
  • Fraternal Order of Buffalo  + ($25 Buy in $10 Monthly)
  • Eugene Maker Space  + ($25 USD)
  • NEST  + ($25 USD monthly)
  • The KOIpound  + ($25 basic membership/monthly, $50 shop membership/monthly. Group memberships are available for performance groups.)
  • Fab Lab Tulsa  + ($25 for a two-month starter membership $100 for annual membership)
  • TinkerMill  + ($25 per month for students/starving hacker
    $25 per month for students/starving hackers $50 per month for regular memberships $75 per month for families $300+ per month for dedicated office space $2.00 per month per square foot for dedicated studio or workshop space $5000 per year for corporate sponsorship (includes 5 memberships)
    orate sponsorship (includes 5 memberships))
  • Foomatic  + ($25 per month, $285 per year)
  • Firefly  + ($25 year)
  • HeatSync Labs  + ($25-100/mo)
  • 801 Labs  + ($25/$50 Monthly)
  • The Inventor Center  + ($25/Month or $240/Year)
  • Cedar Valley Makers  + ($25/mo (beta time period), $40/mo eventual)
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