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SWAMPFest11 October 2014Wales, UK
Salzburg Geekend 201630 September 20162 October 2016Austria
Saturday Night Role Playing Event31 August 13United States of America
Saturdays photography workshops31 July 201025 August 2010Syria
Science Hack DayNetherlands
Science Hack Day Brest 201625 November 201627 November 2016France
Science Hack Day Eindhoven6 January 20126 February 2012Netherlands
Seattle ALTSpace Opening Party14 May 201114 May 2011United States of America
Security BSides Delaware6 November 20106 November 2010US
Session 15 The Venture Story Meeting28 November 1128 November 11Usa
Shackspace ReOpening and Open Door18 June 2011Germany
Shackspace TDOT - Opening Party23 May 2010Germany
ShmooCon 20096 February 20098 February 2009United States of America
SkyDogCon26 October 201228 October 2012United States of America
SkyDogCon 201323 October 201327 October 2013United States of America
SoOnCamp20126 July 20118 July 2011Canada
Space Hacker Workshop for Suborbital Science4 May 20135 May 2013United States of America
Sparklecon 201523 January 201525 January 2015United States of America
Spectral Challenge15 March 201331 May 2013Worldwide
Steam Punk It Up20 August 201120 August 2011United States of America
Summer Camp Garrotxa + VolcĂ nica 200910 July 200912 July 2009Spain
SummerCamp 20092 July 20095 July 2009Luxembourg
SummerCon 20096 June 2009United States of America
SwarmRobot competition5 November 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-04-1717 April 201018 April 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-05-1515 May 201016 May 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-06-1919 June 201020 June 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-07-1717 July 201018 July 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-08-2121 August 201022 August 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-09-1818 September 201019 September 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-10-1515 October 201016 October 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-11-2020 November 201021 November 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2010-12-1818 December 201019 December 2010Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-01-1515 January 201116 January 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-02-1919 February 201120 February 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-03-1919 March 201120 March 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-04-1616 April 201117 April 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-05-2121 May 201122 May 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-06-1818 June 201119 June 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-07-1616 July 201117 July 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-08-2020 August 201121 August 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-09-1717 September 201118 September 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-10-1515 October 201116 October 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-11-1919 November 201120 November 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2011-12-1517 December 201118 December 2011Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-01-2121 January 201222 January 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-02-1818 February 201219 February 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-03-1717 March 201218 March 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-04-2121 April 201222 April 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-06-1616 June 201217 June 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-09-1515 September 201216 September 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-10-2020 October 201221 October 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2012-11-1717 November 201218 November 2012Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2013-10-1919 October 201320 October 2013Worldwide
Synchronous Hackathon/2013-12-2121 December 201322 December 2013Worldwide
SysAdmin Day 201629 July 2016 16:00:0029 July 2016 22:00:00France
Sysop15 September 2010Sweden
T Green CNI5 October 2011Usa
T-Shirts bedrucken leicht gemacht! Workshop am 16. August 201416 August 201416 August 2014Switzerland
TED-Ed Club9 June 13 13:30:00Argentina
THE Port - Hackathon at CERN31 October 20142 November 2014Switzerland
THE Port 2015 - Hackathon at CERN10 February 201510 April 2015Switzerland
THSF 201514 May 201517 May 2015France
THSF 201619 May 201622 May 2016France
THSF 201725 May 201728 May 2017France
THSF 910 May 201813 May 2018France
TRUSTlibrary.org10 April 2010Uk
TX/RX Labs 2012 DIY Class SeriesUS
TX/RX Labs 2012 Fall Classes9 October 201218 November 2012United States of America
TX/RX Labs Spring DIY Session5 May 201125 June 2011United States of America
TechARTS31 October 20091 November 2009United States of America
TechnoExpo27 March 201527 March 2015United States of America
Temp Inc Opening Party12 May 2012Netherlands
Terabyte dinner device workshop29 May 201029 May 2010Netherlands
Tesla Show12 July 1313 July 13United States of America
Test Event9 November 2006 20:00:0010 November 2006 09:00:00United States of America
Texas Linux Fest3 August 20124 August 2012United States of America
The 1st SPACE Retreat8 January 201322 January 2013Spain
The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge22 March 201123 May 2011United States of America
The Hacker Top Secret31 October 200931 October 2009Thailand
The Keysigning Party1 February 20151 February 2015Catalonia
The Next HOPE16 July 201018 July 2010United States of America
TkkrLab Python Course6 February 2012Netherlands
TkkrLab games in html5 workshop19 November 2011Netherlands
TkkrLab iOs programming5 November 2011Netherlands
TkkrLabIP6Workshop11 January 201111 January 2011Netherlands
Tkkrlab OWASP workshop12 November 2011Netherlands
ToorCamp8 August 201212 August 2012United States of America
ToorCamp 20092 July 20095 July 2009United States of America
ToorCamp 2012: The American Hacker Camp8 August 201212 August 2012United States of America
ToorCon San Diego 200915 September 2009United States of America
Toulouse HackerSpace Factory27 May 201129 May 2011France
Transmediale 12 Open Calls31 January 20125 February 2012Germany
Tsinghua Makers Day28 November 2015China
Tzvat 24th Annual Klezmer Festival15 August 201118 August 2011Israel
UNITED Rapid7 Security Summit 201319 August 201321 August 2013United States of America
UNITED Security Summit12 September 201214 September 2012United States of America
Ubuntu Jam Tirana3 February 2013Albania
Umoja Boots and heels Summer youth program19 June 201019 August 2010United States of Americahttp://Umoja Boots and heels Summer youth program
Ur.mx10 October 201210 October 2012Mexico
Vancouver Island Mini Maker Faire28 July 201229 July 2012CANADA
VarnaConf 201613 August 201613 August 2016Bulgaria
VarnaConf 201726 August 201726 August 2017Bulgaria
Vintage Computer Festival East4 April 20146 April 2014United States of America
Vintage Computer Festival East 6.012 September 200913 September 2009United States of America
VoidWarranties opening7 August 20107 August 2010Belgium
W00t.Devices6 February 2016 10:00:007 February 2016 22:00:00France
WIFI Cracking 1012 February 20132 February 2013Usa
WerkRaum-Treffen19 April 2019 16:00:00Germany
Why-fi workshop16 April 201016 April 2010Netherlands
Wikipedia Workshop at Open Labs1 December 2013Albania
Wireless Community Weekend 201014 May 201016 May 2010Germany
Wolfplex Hackerspace Opening24 June 201126 June 2011Belgium
Woodworking Class10 December 201110 December 2011Republic of Korea
Workshop Internet of Things31 October 201331 October 2013Italy
Y - A variable in search of identity17 July 201431 July 2014Italy
YSTS 322 June 2009Brazil
YSTS IV17 May 201017 May 2010Brazil
ZeTeCo21 July 201724 July 2017Switzerland
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