Rawaya wa Bidaya – Global Livestreamed Storytelling Event Oct. 7th 2012

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Rawaya wa Bidaya – Global Livestreamed Storytelling Event Oct. 7th 2012
Rawaya wa Bidaya – Global Livestreamed Storytelling Event
Subevent of Share Conference, Beirut
Type of Talk
Start 4:40pm (Beirut) Oct. 7th 2012 (iCal)
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Homepage: Rawaya wa Bidaya – Global Livestreamed Storytelling Event Oct. 7th 2012
Country: Global
Important dates
Submissions due: September 28th"September 28th" contains a sequence that could not be interpreted against an available match matrix for date components.

GEMSI - Global Entrepreneurship and Makerspace Initiative is working this Fall in the Middle East to help promote a cascade of hackerspace formations.

Our first event is helping to deploy Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace, our second is the project described below, the third is a 2 day pop-up Baghdad Hackerspace formed in collaboration with TEDxBaghdad.

Rawaya wa Badaya is a program to help us draw out stories of engagement and courage. We will use the TEDx and GEMSI networks to gather stories (video and/or text via Facebook) and showcase the creative talent of community members as they come across challenges in their neighborhoods and cities. The top stories will be showcased to hackerspaces around the world during a GEMSI hosted live-streamed discussion. In addition, the top stories will be illustrated by a professional comic artist with plans for future publication!


Join GEMSI and Yahya of TEDxBaghdad at the Share Beirut conference to hear stories of courageous initiative, bootstrapping, and innovative problem solving from the Middle East.

Tune in by Internet! Sunday October 7th 4:40pm/16:40 (Beirut) 6:40am (San Francisco) 9:40am (NYC)

--Check back at the homepage for the livestream link on October 7th--

{Below are Rawaya wa Bidaya information and news links that can be found at the homepage:}

New story submission/collection deadline - Sept 28th
Story updates on Kickstarter
Mandy Dhiab
Ali Makhzomi (public lending library), Um Wael (entrepreneurship), Zaid Jawad (movie theaters)
Facebook Event
GEMSI Fall Plans (includes info on RWB)