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Permaculture is the science and practice of creating living systems of nature (permanent agriculture). Permatech is the techniques employed in order to achieve it. These techniques may emerge as important in the establishing of hackerlofts.

In contrast to traditional agriculture, permaculture is characterized by these traits:

  • low [or self-]maintenance: working with nature rather than against it,
  • independence: self-sustaining and complete for human and animal habitation,
  • all-natural: no artificial pesticides or fertilizer, all “organic”, and
  • zero waste*: forming closed-loop, complete cycles of use/re-use.

The end result of permaculture is abundance and health. Done right, there is more than enough food and habitat for people and animals. This comes from the principle that life creates more life; i.e., one doesn’t need to work at it. The basic idea is to think of permaculture as a terranium that you live in.

Another way of thinking of it: hacking + farming.

(*)"zero waste" from William McDonough, McDonough and Associates

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