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Why The aim is to establish a hardware-focused equivalent of Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School) in Hong Kong.
Where Hong Kong
Who makerschool
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Tags maker, hardware, digital fabrication, diy, school


The idea is to establish a hardware-focused equivalent of the Recurse Center. In other words, the Maker School is going to be about self-directed learning, i.e. no grades, exams, compulsory classes, or curricula. Maker Schoolers are free to explore what most interests them and learn as much as possible with the help of facilitators and fellow Maker Schoolers in their batch.

Maker Schoolers come from different backgrounds. Maybe you are a hobbyist who started to play with Arduinos a few months ago and are just getting familiar with hardware prototyping. Or maybe you have a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, have worked as a hardware engineer for a number of years, and want to dedicate full-time to your side-project you’ve started, but haven’t had time to fully develop. Or perhaps you are a designer who can design and fabricate almost any object and is curious to learn more about electronics and programming. No matter what your background is, you are going to have time to focus on just one thing, have access to tools and different machines for fabrication and be surrounded by smart, curious people who can help you if you get stuck. That way your progress is much faster than if you stayed at home and prototyped on your own for several weeks.

Applications for the zeroth batch are open: