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For now just a discussion between g5pw and mwfc on IRC. Input welcome!

[18:45:02] mwfc:	another thing i just realized after writing you, maybe we should do hackertours
[18:45:20] mwfc:	which hackerspaces should be visited, a curated list, that are easily reachable and maybe allow sleepovers
[18:45:28] g5pw:	Oh yeah, that would be interesting!
[18:45:46] mwfc:	and tourguides, who are willing to help in country XY
[18:46:11] mwfc:	e.g. asking you how to understand the italian on a page, whether the space is still active
[18:46:36] g5pw:	Yup, that would also be nice
[18:46:46] mwfc:	so a list of spaces that add themselves to a list, and by doing that agree to certain things
[18:47:04] g5pw:	I remember chasing down the guys at the Athens hackerspace, only to miss the opening by a couple of minutes 😕
[18:47:10] mwfc:	like having a space api or whatever for outsiders to see they are open. basic information in english or whatever
[18:47:14] mwfc:	yeah something like that
[18:47:48] g5pw:	That sounds like a plan. Should we discuss this further via ML or in the main channel?
[18:47:52] mwfc:	so taking away the burden from all spaces to some spaces saying "yes, we are easy to access for outsiders for a visit, this is how to ping us"
[18:48:03] g5pw:	Exactly
[18:48:20] mwfc:	i am not sure yet, how to communicate that
[18:48:27] mwfc:	needs more thinking imho
[18:48:31] g5pw:	And we could actually set up some kind of auto-ping for that subgroup
[18:48:35] mwfc:	a couple of badges might be interesting
[18:48:38] mwfc:	yeah
[18:48:56] mwfc:	and making the bar so low, that normal comms fuckups do not happen
[18:49:01] mwfc:	and at same time everyone profits
[18:49:23] g5pw:	I.e. a reminder “hey, you are in the hackerspace tour list, is the contact info still relevant” or something like this every... hmm... half year from last edit maybe?
[18:49:49] g5pw:	Badges would definitely make the thing more interesting 😊