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Subevent of WebFWD
Type of Talk
Start 2011/08/19 (iCal)
End 2011/08/19
Homepage: Please RSVP via Eventbrite
Venue: Red Rock Cafe
City: Mountain View
State: California
Country: United State of America
Min Cost: Free
"Free" is not a number.
Max Cost: Free
"Free" is not a number.

WebFWD is the community-driven innovation accelerator by Mozilla.

Swing by the Red Rock Cafe in Downtown Mountain View, meet the WebFWD team, sit down with us for an informal chat, meet other great people and show your stuff - all while we hook you up with coffee and snacks.

Chat, network, grow and drink coffee. Take the WebFWD.

We're inspired by Saul Klein's Open Coffee Club - let's make this happen together. Read Saul's manifesto. It's good.

The first rule of CoffeeFWD is, you do talk about CoffeeFWD.


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