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Status active
Country Germany

State or District

North Rhine-Westphalia

City Cologne

Date of founding


Last Updated 2018-11-06
Website https://koeln.ccc.de/












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Snail mail

Heliosstr. 6a
NRW-50825 Cologne

Number of members


Membership fee

17 / 23 EUR per month

Size of rooms

221 m²

Members Fukami, Jens Ohlig, Kaleng, Pylon, SkyTee, ~towo
Location 50° 57' 0", 6° 54' 46"

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The Chaos Computer Club Cologne, or C4 in short, is a hackerspace located at the western end of Germany. The current incarnation of the C4-Labor, which is the correct designation for the space, begun its life in 1999 and moved to its current rooms in the Heliosstr. in 2012.

Funding of the C4 is mostly obtained through the monthly member fees; over 50 members do their part in paying the rent and service bills. Occasionally, donations or income from hosted events floods into the coffers of C4, and since there is always something that needs fixing or improving, is greatly appreciated.

Labor-Panorama 2006-09-15 .jpg

Old Rooms (until first half of 2012)[edit]

The 'main' room of the club, featuring a big (splittable) conference table with space, power and connectivity for laptops, as well as some couches, also houses the club's whiteboard and projector.
After July 2008's rearrangement due to sanitation measures, the Labor has become the main workspace of the C4. Four big tables have been joined together to form a large communal working table (complete with white fluorescent lighting for our hardware hackers). Also features all kinds of public terminals, stationary (Linux, Windows, MS-DOS, IRIX and Solaris) as well as mobile (OpenEmbedded), miscellaneous hardware (mostly working), all our stored beverages and a single old couch.
Since 2008-07, the Illuminatencenter next to the entrance has succeeded from being a beverage storeroom to become the console gaming centre of the C4. (Motions to call it "console operations centre" have been superseded.)
The Fnordcenter is the lounge area of the C4, consisting mostly of couches and subtle lighting. It is also one of the two rooms where smoking is allowed in C4.
Houses the club's servers, connectivity, library, member's inboxes and copious amount of spare hardware, except the one part you're looking for.
Refrigerators, dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave, toaster, the lot. You get the drift. Also the other room that's free for smoking.
Toilet, shower, washing machine.


Monthly lecture on changing topics like Multithreading, socialogical studies on the nerd stereotype, ham radio, botnets or securing your UNIXoid box.
Chaos Computer Club Cologne Café (C5)
An irregular event, the C5 is a more social and comfy kind of workshop day. Usually scheduled on saturdays, there's coffee and cake for participants, the afternoon taking up with lecture and presentation which goes over to a practical session in the course of the evening. Past topics included managing large LaTeX documents, modular origami and Go (the game).
The U23 is a rather popular yearly event aimed at educating young hackers or hopefuls looking to become hackers. Only youths of 23 years or younger can enter the course, keeping the age low and, also, a moderate distribution of age, easing bonding with others. Originally, it alternated between hardware and software topics, and has now focused on being a mostly hardware-oriented show.


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