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All of us become fond of electronic devices and computer peripherals at a great extent. It does not matter either it is an input or output peripheral. As you make up your mind for the purchase of input peripherals, nobody should have to apply the plain nature for selection procedure of these computer hardware products. The HP is one of well known brands for attaining the affirmative quality result. Most of the businessmen and other professionals prefer to use the HP printer. It is highly recommended to work on HP printer as it is accomplished of standard features and functions. When a wide range of hiccups will be redirected in HP printer, nobody can change their thought into real time action for getting the full recovery of error easily. Some of the concerned user in so hurry that they cannot want to wait anymore and take the immediate solution with own effort and practice. But, there is not surety that you can get the betterment in the performance and work in the high quotient. In such condition, the scene of diagnosing the error is going on the 50 percent. It may be possibility that the problem can be sort out or not. After getting the machine automated support menu, now you must be craving some real help. And to fulfill this need of yours HP customer service has provided 6 ways to contact HP customer service. With HP customer service help you will be able to fix your problems. You can contact HP customer support by toll-free number- 1 (888) 409-3111. So, Printer Number Support is 24*7 reliable service provider for different brands of printer. It avails services for mostly all leading brand including, Hp, Dell, Epson, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, Kodak, Samsung, Toshiba, and Ricoh. These brands are the most leading ones in the global market and millions and millions of customers prefer these brand, due to its high recognition and reliable features. They have never failed in satisfying customer and are able to meet their expectations. These brands always come with new updates and keep upgraded themselves. Further, they are most convenient for home and office and it comes in different shapes and sizes, which has made much easier to use. A faded print image is normally the result of one of three conditions: The printer is getting low on toner, the print density is set too low, or Economode printing is turned on. For the last two settings, a printer self-test (typically a separate button on the printer) will show what the current settings are. If Economode is on, and users are complaining about how light the print is, turn it off and/or set the print density higher. If the toner is low, simply removing the cartridge and shaking it to redistribute the toner more evenly can temporarily resolve the problem until you can replace the cartridge. Not all printers have a driver for every OS. In these cases, it’s best to consult the printer manual and find out what printers the drivers will emulate. While not all of the functionality of the printer will be available under this emulation, at least basic printing will work. For example, most HP printers will print with the HP LaserJet II driver installed, although specific options, such as duplexing, will not work.